When You Want to Meet Your Soulmate

Want to Meet Your Soulmate

Have you ever dreamed of finding your perfect partner?  A special person who is made for you. That someone who understands you in every way and can share your joys and fears?  Do you want to know how to find your soulmate?

Picture the scene:

You and that significant other are sitting cozily by a roaring wood fire.  You look dreamily into their eyes and without having to speak they know exactly what you are going to say and so you laugh together, reflecting on all the times you have spent together complete in happy fulfillment.  You never argue or even exchange a cross word, you are so in tune with each other. Well don’t worry as most people have not and will not experience something like this.  The truth is that I don’t believe this is what a soulmate is.

Does that mean that soulmates don’t exist? No! That kind of level of closeness and telepathy is usually only found in the rare but special twin flame relationships. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful relationship with someone who is not your twin flame.

The point I’m trying to make here is that a soulmate doesn’t mean the other person being perfect and totally in sync with you, and you can find an amazing soul level closeness despite some differences in thinking and ways of being, and still be with your soulmate.

Some Frequently asked Soul Mate Questions

What Is a Soul Mate?

While there are many definitions for soulmate meanings, it’s generally held that a soulmate represents a very special connection with another, a relationship full of deep, intimate, fulfilling moments.

However, this does not mean that you will never argue or get cross with each other, or that you will feel the same about every issue or have all the same interests or so on.  A bond of that kind is very rare (and not necessary to have a happy life) but can sometimes be found in a twin flame relationship. Some people realize that finding your soul mate is as much to do with a spiritual journey within yourself as finding that other person.

What does this mean?  Well to be in such a special and understanding relationship, you need to be in a good place in yourself, and you need to know who you are and what you want from life.  After all, if you don’t know and love yourself, how can you know and love someone else?

I truly believe that soulmates are not just limited to romantic relationships but can be friendships and family members too.

How I know when I have met my soulmate?

What a soulmate is to you depends on who you are, but you can expect things like feelings of a special level of closeness, flashes of telepathy (e.g., knowing what the other is thinking), laughing till you cry, having amazing conversations, excellent sexual chemistry (obviously this only applies to romantic soulmates!).

But unlike twin flame relationships you can also expect the more down to earth aspects of two people getting on, like having small quarrels and so on. Sometimes my soulmate drives me mad, but we do get all those symptoms, and other people might experience these or different ones.

Do you only get one?

A popular misconception is that we only get one soulmate and when we meet that person, we will stay with them forever. As I said before, many people can be your soulmate and they can stay for years, possibly the rest of your life, but sometimes only hours, days, weeks, or months.

This might sound distressing but sometimes we have learnt all the lessons we have to learn from someone and they from us and it’s time to move on, but we can do this in a way that recognizes the beauty of what we’ve had and is open to finding that again. I also think that as friends and family can be soulmates that often people have more than one at one time.

Is there a soulmate for everyone?

I truly believe that there is a soulmate for everyone, in fact I think that there are many, many soulmates for each person, but it is a question of having the confidence to believe in that and also living a life that puts you in positions where you might meet such a person.

Naturally if you see and do the same things everyday it could be harder to meet someone new. Of course, something to bear in mind is that maybe your soul mate is someone you know.

My current partner has been my best friend for 10 years and neither of us even considered that we should be together in that way, which seems strange now that I think about it but there you go.

How to Find Your Soulmate – 4 Great Tips

As I mentioned before, you’ll have much better luck finding your soulmate if you feel good about yourself and recognize that in life you tend to get back what you give. So, if you are going about emanating good positive energy with self-confidence, people will see and sense this energy and be attracted to you, both in the literal sense of crossing your path at some point and also potentially finding you physically attractive.

This doesn’t mean if you are feeling depressed you can’t find a special person but looking inside is the best place to start on your journey of finding a soul mate. When you understand yourself better you will also find it easier to recognize that someone is interested in you and to see whether or not they are your soulmate.

  1. Law of Attraction/Cosmic Ordering

Carrying on from the theme above, things like daydreaming and setting goals for yourself are powerful tools to get what you want, and many people of all different backgrounds use this kind of technique for all different things.

When you are trying to find your soulmate try having a picture of him or her in your mind. Try not to get too bogged down in the physical but instead visualize the types of things you might do together, the way you might feel looking at them, thinking about them, being with them.

At least once a day imagine yourself sending out love and good energies, with a magnetic pull. Imagine those good feelings spreading out like a huge net and drawing to you all the good energies it finds out there.  This might sound crazy but give it a try before you dismiss it.

  1. Meditation

In order to love yourself, but also to know yourself, it’s good to be able to have a bit of quiet time for the mind. Not only does this help your spiritual growth, which in turn helps with finding a soulmate, but also it allows you to get perspective, recognize any negative thoughts and generally be a happier person.

Try it even for 10 minutes a day for a week and I bet you’ll feel better.

  1. Being open to new experiences

You can greatly improve your chances of meeting a soulmate by being open to new experiences and agreeing to do things that maybe you wouldn’t normally because it is out of your comfort zone, or you feel too busy or whatever.

Did you ever see that film with Jim Carey called Yes Man?  Carey is depressed and goes on a course where he gets advised that to improve his life, he has to say yes to everything. This leads to some rather funny results, but the message is great and it opens up so many opportunities in his life and brings him happiness, and you can do the same.

I highly recommend you check out this movie as it is very inspirational and helped to change my life!

  1. Psychic advice – Can it help you find your soulmate?

While sometimes I don’t want to know the future as I like surprises, other times psychic advice has really helped me in my search for that soulmate. When I was 14 years old a psychic correctly predicted I was about to meet a soul mate, which I shortly did, and we were together for five years.

More recently I realized I had feelings for my best friend but there were some other things holding me back and I needed some reassurance or otherwise.

I recently got a psychic email reading from Jaclyn of PsychicOz which I was impressed with as she gave me validation by correctly describing the nature of our relationship, helped me get insights into what was in his head, and correctly predicted the time frame in which we would get together.

I guess me and my boyfriend would have gotten together despite whatever had happened but getting the psychic reading helped me to have courage in my convictions. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • DO remember that a soulmate can be found in any place at any time
  • DO try some of the tips I have given you for finding your soul mate
  • DON’T let ideals of perfection get in the way of finding or recognizing your soulmate

Are you waiting for a soulmate or lover who hasn’t arrived yet?

If the answer is yes, then I strongly recommend getting a psychic love reading. Why? A psychic can tell you roughly when the next soulmate is about to enter your life and can give you an idea of what to look for.

A good reading is emotionally healing and can be so uplifting and inspiring that it gives you the confidence to find that special person. If the psychic can’t see a soul mate in the near future, then they can help you change your destiny by suggesting ways to help you find your soulmate – things to do, places to go, new things to try, colors to wear and more!


  1. What a beautifully written piece! I truly resonate with the idea that soulmates aren’t confined to romantic relationships. It’s refreshing to see the emphasis on self-growth and the notion that deep connections can manifest in various forms, even in friendships and family ties.

  2. The concept of having multiple soulmates over a lifetime offers a liberating viewpoint. It reduces the pressure of finding ‘the one’ and opens up the possibility for various meaningful connections.

  3. What an enlightening read! The holistic approach to finding a soulmate—through self-love, positive energy, and being open to new experiences—resonated deeply with me. It’s inspiring to see practical advice intertwined with spiritual insights, encouraging readers to look within before seeking a soulmate. The suggestion to use meditation for personal growth is especially valuable. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful and uplifting content!

  4. This is utterly ridiculous. The notion of ‘soulmates’ and ‘twin flames’ is as baseless as astrology. Real relationships require effort and compromise, not some mystical ‘Law of Attraction’. Let’s focus on real-world solutions rather than wishful thinking.

  5. The perspective on soulmates being more about connection rather than perfect harmony is quite enlightening. It shifts the focus from an idealized notion to a more attainable and meaningful relationship.

  6. This article beautifully encapsulates the essence of what it means to find a soulmate. The emphasis on personal growth and self-awareness as a precursor to truly connecting with another individual is a profound insight. I appreciate the nuanced distinction made between soulmates and twin flames, highlighting that deep, meaningful relationships can take many forms and don’t always fit the idealized mold. Truly a refreshing perspective!

  7. I find this whole soulmate concept rather overrated. The idea that you need to emanate positive energy and visualize your soulmate is quite naive. Relationships are built on hard work and mutual understanding, not on cosmic ordering or daydreaming.

  8. This article offers a profound insight into the complexity of human relationships. The distinction between soulmates and twin flames is particularly enlightening. It’s clear that a meaningful connection requires both inner and outer work.

  9. The article touches on a compelling point about needing to understand and love oneself before finding a soulmate. It underlines the importance of self-awareness and fulfillment.

  10. Interesting article! The idea that soulmates aren’t confined to romantic relationships but include friends and family is enlightening. It broadens the usual narrow concept of soulmates, indicating that deep connections can occur in various forms.

  11. I find the idea of incorporating meditation and the Law of Attraction into the quest for a soulmate quite fascinating. It’s an interesting blend of spiritual and practical approaches.

  12. The distinction between soulmates and twin flames is well articulated. It sets a realistic expectation for relationships, highlighting that perfection is not the goal but rather a deep, meaningful connection.

  13. Ah, the recipe for finding a soulmate: meditation, good vibes, and maybe some pixie dust! So basically, if I sit in a lotus position and hum happily, my soulmate will just magically appear? Sounds legit!

  14. The emphasis on self-awareness and self-love as prerequisites for finding a soulmate aligns with many psychological theories about healthy relationships. It’s a reminder that personal growth is integral to forming meaningful connections.

  15. It’s amusing how the article romanticizes finding a soulmate, almost to the point of it being a mystical quest. Maybe next it’ll tell us to look for unicorns while we’re at it. Seriously, folks, get a grip!

  16. Ah, the classic ‘you attract what you put out’ theory. So, if I’m gloomily sulking at home, my soulmate is also somewhere sulking, waiting for me to radiate sunshine and rainbows? Sounds perfectly logical!

  17. This article is a delightful mix of self-help and romantic idealism. While the tips might sound like something out of a rom-com, they do carry some practical wisdom, especially the part about trying meditation. Maybe I’ll give it a shot!


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