Finding Your Real Companion

Real Companion

True romance is a gamble. While some relationships seem to materialize without any effort, many require us to step outside our comfort zones. Some of us fall for people who seem too good to be true, only to discover they really are too good to be true. Others are intimidated by the idea of taking salsa dance lessons or going on a blind date set up by your brother’s roommate’s cousin to find that “special someone.”

But the important thing is to keep trying. Here are some places you may have been overlooking as you seek romance:


For the past decade, online dating has experienced a seismic shift from cautious to widespread acceptance. More than 50 percent of Americans know someone who met their partner over the internet through online dating. A similar percentage recommends dating sites as a viable, respectable way to meet other singles. Besides online dating sites don’t overlook general social media as an avenue to find romance with someone that has similar interests to yours.

Mutual Friends

While some couples do still meet through mutual friends, this trend is also dramatically changing. Fewer couples have been meeting through friends over the last 20 years. Many singles automatically rule out the option of being set up with someone through “that” friend who always seems to know someone who’d be “perfect for you! “

And don’t forget that when you make a new friend, you’re not just linked to them, but to their entire social network including their family, friends, and co-workers. All those warnings aside, your friends may know best!

At Work

Though they can be complicated, office relationships still do happen. Even star employees can make the most out of an office romance while continuing stellar performance on the job. Open conversation by offering compliments when deserved or offering help when needed. But always remain aware of your company’s employee handbook or list of policies, which may state that employees aren’t allowed to be romantically involved.

Around Town

Being anywhere outside of your home increases the chances you’ll make interpersonal connections and meet someone new. Go out and spend time in cafes, libraries, and other local hangouts around town. Does your town have a sports team? Become a fan. A book club? Sign up. Biking or running groups? Join in! Bird-watching? Video-gaming? Whatever your interests, find a way get involved. It’s the perfect opportunity to make connections with new people. Those connections may even evolve into something more.

At School

Many couples also still meet at school. Whether the school is large or small, it generally includes people of similar age and background to yours. Some couples only see each other at school. With little time to spend together outside the classroom, trying to be romantic may be a daunting task. But don’t be discouraged. Romance can be created anywhere, even at school. You don’t always need a romantic setting to be romantic.

Anyone who has ever been disappointed in a relationship knows how hard it is to find the “right” person. Making yourself date-able is only half the battle. The other half is knowing where to make that fateful connection.