Everyone who has ever been disappointed in Love knows how hard it is to find the “right” person. discover2
All too often we fall for people who seem too good to be true…and then discover they are. True romance is a gamble.

Making yourself datable is only half the battle and the other half is knowing where to make that fateful connection. Here are some places you should be on the lookout for romance:

Online Dating

For the past decade, online dating have been shifting from cautious to widespread acceptance.
More than half of Americans know someone whose partner was met through the internet by
online dating, and a similar proportion recommends dating sites as a good way to meet other

At Office/Work

We all know office relationships are complicated. And somewhere in your company’s employee
handbook is a list of policies that probably says employees shouldn’t get romantically involved.
But office relationships still happen. Even good employees find themselves wanting to make the
most out of an office romance, while continuing to make the most out of their job.

In Your Town

Being anywhere except your house increases the chances you’ll find someone new and make a discover1
connection with that person. So make a habit of spending time in cafes, libraries, and other local hangouts around your town. And if your town has regular dances, take advantage of that. It is perfect for getting face-to-face with new people.

With Mutual Friends

The majority of couples still meet through mutual friends but this trend is dramatically changing. The last two decades have seen a steep decline in couples meeting via friends, giving singles a
scientific reason they don’t want to be set up. Whenever you make a friend, you’re not just linked
to them, but to their entire social network including their family, friends, and co-workers.


For some of you, the only time you can see your boy or girlfriend is at school. With very little time to spend together trying to be romantic may seem like a daunting task. But don’t get discouraged, you don’t need certain situations to be romantic, you can creatediscover3 romance anywhere. So, if you’re young and in love and a hopeless romantic, then be romantic even if you only see each other at school.

Some relationships do materialize effortlessly, but many require us to step slightly outside of our comfort zone. That’s why it’s okay to feel paralyzed by the idea of trying salsa dancing or making an online dating profile. The important thing is to try anyway.

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