Being with a Sociopath

Married to a Sociopath

Do you ever have a partner that you wonder what is really wrong with them?  You think you knew them and then you realize that they are not at all who you thought they were?  Can you spot people that you would want to avoid because you know that they are a sociopath?  Are you avoiding marrying someone because you worry that they might be one too?  If you have already married this person, you might need to know what kind of person you are dealing with.


A person that is a sociopath is not someone that has a mental disorder.  A sociopath means that a person has a personality disorder, and they are not able to be diagnosed but they will classify with their personality traits and will have certain social ways about them.  A psychopath is someone that is clever and calculating but a sociopath is different, and they tend to have more control than a psychopath.


If you have a sociopath in your life, you will see that they have a lot of charisma, most of the time.  They are able to be charming and can switch this trait on as fast as they can turn it off.  When they are in public, you might see that they are being super kind and are putting on their charm.  People see them and think they are great.  Then, as soon as you leave, they turn the charm off.

Love Bombing

One of the hardest traits to ignore is when someone is able to be the partner that you have always dreamed of, they will make you fall head over heels in love with them and you can’t imagine your life without them.  They seem perfect.  Then, it begins to wear off and they will not act this way again unless they have to such as after a fight or if you threaten to leave.

They will be kind and loving and act like they care for a while until things get normal again and then they will have their own interests and ignore you.  They will even get mad at you if you don’t play along with how they are acting.


A person that is a sociopath will never take the blame for anything.  They will always blame you or someone else.  No matter if they started a fight or not, it will always be someone else’s fault.  Even if you have proof that they did it, you are the one that created the problem, and it will always be your fault or someone else’s.


If you have someone that has an ex-partner and they talk bad about them and blame them for everything, chances are you are dating a sociopath.  Get away fast.  Most likely they are to blame for the problems in the relationship, especially if they refuse to take any blame for it.


Someone that is a sociopath is lazy and they don’t want to think things through.  They make generalizations in all things, and they are never wrong.  They blame people for voting this way or they blame celebrities for their affairs.  They will disagree with you but if you disagree with them then you are wrong too.


When you want to discuss things with a sociopath it is like going through a bomb field.  You will have different points and you will end up doubting yourself each and every time.  They have the skills to cause you to feel stupid.  As a matter of fact, they will call you and your family crazy and stupid, and they will probably tell you that you are dysfunctional.  They will make you feel that you have had a bad life and they will cause you to have friction and confusion in your life.

Name Calling

Someone that is a sociopath will call you names and make fun of you.  They will embarrass you in front of other people and they will tell you that you have no sense of humor.  They will claim to not want to hurt you and that they were just joking.


Someone that is a sociopath wants to be in full control.  They cannot let you be in charge of anything, and they will tell you that you need to go along with what they are saying.  If you don’t, they will make you miserable and eventually you will just give in to them.


Those that take extreme risks are often times sociopaths.  They do not follow laws because they think they are above them.  If they want something, they will do it even if there is something wrong with it.  They can be violent and lose their temper fast.

No Remorse

Someone that is a sociopath has no remorse or guilt.  Even if they act like they care that they hurt you, they will come back and do it again and again.  They will prove that you don’t matter, and they will only care about themselves.

Being Married to a Sociopath

If you are married to a sociopath, you may have a hard time leaving them or dealing with them.  Try to seek help and find someone that can help you through these times.