When Your Twin Flame Thinks of You

Twin Flame

Have you found your twin flame and you feel a connection to them? Maybe you feel a spiritual connection, but did you know that there is a physical connection where your twin flame might be thinking of you in a sexual way.

Each time someone meets their twin flame, the experience will be different. The connection that you have with your twin flame is one that you will notice, and it is one that sometimes people have a hard time understanding. Here are some signs that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually:

Sexual Dreams

Your twin flame will have a connection with you and when you start to have sexual or erotic dreams, this could be that your twin flame is thinking about you sexually. Dreams are not always easy to understand but when you are dreaming about someone that you are drawn to, it can mean that you are trying to connect deeper.

These sexual dreams might be so realistic that you wake up thinking that you have actually been with your twin flame. You might not understand why or how this happens but because the connection is so strong, the dreams can come and seem real.

When you begin dreaming about your twin flame you are sending energies to them that will never end and the dreams will probably come back again and again.

Feeling Them Touch You

Your twin flame energy is so strong that you might feel like they are actually touching you. This will be something that your twin flame will also feel at the same time. This might sound like something confusing or scary, but the truth is that it can bring you pleasure and joy. This sensation can cause you to feel goosebumps or to get excited because of the energy that your twin flame is sending you.

Don’t worry about this or feel scared, just enjoy the feelings that you have and allow yourself to feel the connection that is there.

Talk to a Psychic

You can talk to a psychic and they can help you to know if your twin flame is trying to connect with you sexually. They are able to connect to your energy and the energy of your twin flame so that they can give you information.

You Want to See Them

Having a twin flame thinking about you can be a strong connection but it will change something inside of you. It will make you want to see him so that you can be with him because the bond is so strong.

Thinking of your twin flame can make you want more than a physical or spiritual connection but to have an emotional connection.

Strong Attraction

When you begin a relationship, this will be a time that you have a hard time not thinking about the person you are connected with. As your twin flame connect with you, you will have such a strong attraction to them that you will want to be with them more than just physically but at a soul level.

Since you are so connected to your twin flame, you will continue to want to be more and more connected. This doesn’t just happen when you are around them but you will feel this connection even if they are far away from you. This means that they are thinking of you just as you are thinking of them. The energies that you have will continue to blend and you will be able to communicate and connect telepathically.

You Want to Talk to Them

The bond that you have with your twin flame will be strong because you are going to be able to connect with them telepathically. This means that when you begin to think of them, they will call you and when they start thinking of you, you will call them.

You will always feel a strong feeling that you should call them and this is a time that they are probably thinking of you. Chances are, right when you start thinking of them, they will call you because they will be feeling the same things that you are.

The connection that you have might be confusing, but you will get used to it. You can even make it stronger by practicing connecting with them. Focus on your twin flame and make sure that you send out your energies to them so you can enjoy them even when they aren’t close to you.

Physical Feelings

Loving someone is something that is different than other feelings. There is nothing that feels better than being in love. With your twin flame, being in love makes the feelings even stronger. You will begin to feel physical sensations that your twin flame is sending you even when apart from them including:

  • A feeling of warmth in the heart chakra.
  • Your body temperature will change.
  • Heart rate increases.

If you are in a good mood and then out of nowhere you feel your heart start beating faster or you feel like you are getting warm, it might mean that your twin flame is thinking about you in a sexual way. This can happen seldom or if it begins to happen a lot, they probably cannot get you off of their mind.

This can happen because your souls are connected, and the heart is connected. The feelings that you have such as butterflies might feel that they will never stop. As you and your twin flame continue your relationship, you will see that your bodies meld together, and you become one.

The heart chakra is part of unconditional love and soul love and so you will feel a lot of warmth by your heart chakra and you will feel it stronger as time goes further. A psychic can help you to understand this more if you are confused about it. They can give you clarity when you have these strong emotions.

Changes in Energies

Focusing on your regular life is something that everyone ahs to do but when you cannot get your twin flame out of your mind, it can mean that they are sending their vibrations to you. You might have these strong feelings and thoughts and you might find that you are always feeling aroused.

This is something that isn’t scientific, but it goes beyond science and to the spiritual world. This can happen and you might know that this is your twin flame because of the thoughts that you are having.

This can be confusing to people that aren’t used to having a twin flame but it can also become a thing of pleasure and fun. Find out if you like it and give it a chance. You can use it when you get together and your energies will be stronger than ever before.

You Are Never Alone

Even when you are alone physically, you aren’t going to be alone spiritually. Your twin flame will be there for you and it will be hard to describe. Here are some signs that they are with you even when you aren’t with them physically:

  • You see a lot of angel numbers.
  • Feathers fly to you.
  • You feel touching when no one is there.

This could be a sign that you should call your twin flame. Even if you want to be with them, don’t feel bad about this because it is something that you should be wanting.

Feeling Them

It can be hard to explain the twin flame relationship but if you start to feel energies around you that you don’t know where they came from, this can be your twin flame. This can mean that you want to be with them and that they are making you happy. Once you actually get to start seeing them, you will see that all of this is important and a part of your growth.

Sometimes it is hard to get over these kind of feelings and it can be hard to deal with the sexual energy that you feel. You need to know that your twin flame will come into your life and you will want to give them all of you.

Strong and Powerful Energies

Some people will start to feel energy out of nowhere. This energy can be overwhelming and strong. When this happens, your twin flame is thinking about being with you. This means that you will feel intense feelings and you will be able to take this energy and go deeper.

Find ways to get used to your twin flame energy and allow the energy to envelope you. You need to realize that your twin flame is calling you and you can respond to this by communicating with them in your mind.

Do You Feel Sexually When Apart from Your Twin Flame?

You can feel sexually attracted to your twin flame even if you aren’t with them. This can happen because your emotions are strong and because of the connection that you have. If your twin wants to have sex with you, you will feel an arousal that is hard to explain. It can come even when you aren’t with them and even without any kind of touching.

Chances are that you won’t feel these feelings all the time but they can come and go. Since your twin flame is connected on a spiritual, physical and emotional level, the things that you experience will be different depending on your relationship. This means that you can reach different levels with them.

When you are with your twin flame and you have sex, it can be a bond that is unbreakable. It can be fulfilling and exciting and the intimacy will be strong. You should enjoy this time with them. The feelings that you have can be so strong that you will probably not be able to stop thinking about being with them.

Sending Your Twin Flame Love

You can send your twin flame a kiss even when you aren’t with them. Think about them kissing you and since the connection is strong then your twin flame will feel that you are kissing them. This is called a telepathic kiss and is an energy that can transfer from you to them.

You can feel this energy when it comes to you, and it can bring you peace and happiness. Your bond will be strong, and your twin flame will feel close to you.

Using Telepathy with Love

You will love your twin flame with unconditional love and you can do this and care for them on a deeper level than you have ever felt. You will have the desire to be with them in the physical and even if you aren’t, you will feel a level of closeness like none other.

Blocking the Love

Having strong feelings for your twin flame can weaken over time and this is the reason:

  • You have hidden anger.
  • You have too many karmic situations.
  • You resent them in love.

If there are issues that you have with your twin flame then you need to face these and deal with them.  This will help to make the connection strong again. Pay attention to what you are feeling and the love that you are sending to your flame.

Deal with the issues that you have and allow your relationship to grow. As you deal with the challenges in your relationship, you can work through your problems and then you can give each other what you want.

Your twin can also give you these same things and if they are willing to give you everything they have, you will be able to deal with the feelings that are coming to you.

Making the Connection Stronger

Everything that you have is a reflection of yourself and others. Your twin flame is one that will be there to help you to live your best life and to be the best person you can be.

By focusing on your own traits, you will see that you can connect with your twin flame with openness and with love. You will see that even though life is good, you can keep improving and making things better. Make sure that you have good energies and that your aura is cleansed.

Share your love and make a connection that will help to connect your souls stronger. The negative traits that you have will help you to see that there are things that you need to change when you want to be closer to your twin.

Allow the feelings to come to you and allow the physical sensations to take over you. This will move you into the direction that you want to be in with your twin flame. Look at the signs and get closer to the desires that you are wanting to reach.

Final Thoughts

There are spiritual signs that your twin flame is thinking about you but there are also sexual signs. You might start feeling different feelings and emotions and this can mean that your twin flame is thinking about you.

As you move in the same direction, you and your twin flame can continue on your journey and you can make the feelings stronger. Don’t get confused when things change or when you feel things that you aren’t certain of. Just allow the process to happen and see your relationship grow.