When Your Twin Flame Separates

When Your Twin Flame Separates

Twin flame relationships are something that everyone waits for and they are very strong and intense. The relationships come in your life, and they are meant to last but it doesn’t mean that they will. When a twin flame goes through the stages of separation, it can end up being a relationship that ends and never starts back again. Find out why this happens.

Twin Flame

A twin flame is sometimes called a mirrored soul because the twin flame mirror your soul. This is someone that shares a strong connection with you and is meant to help you grow.

When you are in this kind of relationship, it means that you have to look at all of your fears and things that you are not good at. This is a time to be vulnerable, but you will grow.

The problem is that it can be hard to be in these relationships and they can become toxic. If you aren’t ready or your twin isn’t, it can cause them to be confused.


When you go through the twin flame separation stage, it is a time where you will separate from your twin flame. There might be attachment issues that are formed. As you look at your love, you will see your own shadow self which can cause you more pain. This might make you or your twin pull apart even more.

Sometimes twin flames will get back together but it takes work to make this happen. If the relationship is toxic, they might not get back together.

Why Separation Happens

Here are some reasons separation happens:

Wrong Time

Being in a twin flame relationship can be good but it might not be the right time. This can be a runner and chaser stage. When this happens, a person will self-reflect and there will be challenges. It can be hard to have unconditional love for someone and to not be with them.

Needing to Grow

Separation can happen for one or both twins. This is a time where you should grow and be stronger. When you are in a relationship at the wrong time, it might take more time to grow to get where you want to be.

To be in a good relationship, you need to grow together but when separation happens, you won’t be able to grow together, and this can strain the relationship.


Twin flames will have relationships that manifest with self-love. You have to both love yourself in order to love each other. If you are codependent or jealous, your twin flame growth will not happen.

Having self-love can cause relationships problems because you want to have a perfect match but sometimes it doesn’t work that way if one doesn’t love themselves. Remember, there is no perfect love and trying to have that can ruin the relationship.

Spiritual Immature

The runner in the relationship might be immature. This means that they need to grow to be equal to their twin. The relationship will only last if you are growing together and if one is too immature, it won’t happen.


Twin flames bring you life lessons. You will have seen your twin flame many times throughout your lives and each time the relationship might come to an end. This has to do with timing, and you will come back together with them at some point.

Working Through Separation

Separation can last forever but sometimes it doesn’t. Focus on being your best person and growing. Learn to love yourself and make sure that you are happy. As you are happy and having a better life, you will see that this will bring your twin flame closer to you.

Twin flames can come back together, and this can make them even stronger. The growth needs to really be there, and the universe will show you what to do. Focus on loving yourself and focus on fixing and understanding your shadow work.

Even if you don’t have your twin flame, you can have people that are soulmates in your life. This will be important to help you grow.

More on Separation

Here are some other things you need to know about twin flame separation:

  • There is normally a runner and a chaser in this kind of relationship.
  • Separating from your twin flame can be painful but they might come into your life to help you and see you grow and not to be with you forever. If you separate from your twin and they come back, you have to learn to trust them.
  • If you reconnect with your twin flame, you need to have a deep relationship. Keep a lookout for bad habits. There could be multiple separations with your twin flame, and you need to overcome them. Trust your intuition.

Final Thoughts

Some twin flame relationships go through different phases and separation is one of them. This can happen many times and if you want to be back together with your twin flame, you will both need to grow and mature.