When You Know They Won’t Love You

Know They Won’t Love You

Being in a relationship where there is unrequited love can be painful and it can make you miss out on your happiness. When you find that you love someone and you are being vulnerable but they don’t love you back, it can be hard to get over. This can also hurt you personally and make you feel that you are unloved and stressed out in your life.

Love finds us sometimes when we should have run but once you learn to look at the signs, you will find that having unrequited love can be overcome. You will see that you can stop being with a partner that doesn’t love you and find someone that loves you more than you ever imagined.

When Love is a Game

Love is something that seems to just happen to people. It is like it comes out of nowhere and we have no control over who we love. It causes us to wonder what we are doing and what we are feeling. Love is a choice, of course, and it loving someone takes a lot of time and effort.

When you have love for someone and they don’t feel romantic feelings back for you, this is unrequited love. This is love that is one sided and love that makes you wonder why you have stayed as long as you have. This can be a relationship that is toxic and it can be hard to understand where there is no balance in you and your partner.

Real love happens when you accept and love someone for who they are and when they do the same for you. Love should be unconditional. Love is hard and easy at some times in your life, but it should be able to be strong and committed in both the good and bad times. Love should never make you unhappy all the time or to be the one that is always giving. If you are in that love, find a partner that is different.

Signs They Don’t Love You

Of course, there are signs that someone doesn’t love you as much as you love them. Let someone show you their real intentions and really accept what they are showing you. Here are some signs that they don’t really love you:

Emotionally Distant

It is hard to be close to someone that is emotionally distant to you. They act like they love you sometimes but they don’t share their emotions and they have tall walls up. You feel like you can never break through these walls and when they tell you they love you, there seems to be no action behind their words.

They Have No Concern for You

When someone loves you, they care for you and they don’t want to hurt you or cause you to hurt. Being disappointed is one thing that they never want you to feel. If you have a partner that is not showing any concern for your feelings or only acting concerned when you are threatening to leave or in front of someone, they might not love you.

Insulting You

No one that loves you should put you down or insult you. This is behavior that is inexcusable. If this is happening then you are not communicating with your partner. There is no respect in this kind of behavior. When a partner loves you, they will love and respect you and they will be engaged in what you say and feel.

No Trust

Trust is one of the building blocks and foundations of love. If there is no trust, then the relationship is never going to feel safe and secure. When you feel insecure, it can mean that you have someone in your life that doesn’t care about you.

Being Isolated

Social isolation means that you are in a relationship that is toxic. If someone wants to control you instead of love you then it can become something that is more obsession than love. This is also considered abusive, and your partner should never isolate you from people that love you.

No Support

One of the biggest ways that you can tell if someone loves you or not is if they show you support. They should want you to have happiness and success. They should support you rather you choose to work or rather you choose to stay at home. If you have a partner that isn’t supporting, you then they probably never will.

Telling the Truth

Sometimes a guy will not tell you that they don’t love you because they are afraid that you will leave. They also might not tell you the truth because they need someone around them and they want you to share in their life responsibilities.

Being Unsure

We are all unsure sometimes and this can be why we stay in relationships that we know aren’t good for us. Don’t be attached to someone that you aren’t sure about. If there are a lot of questions and you have a lot of red flags, this can end up hurting you.

People Pleasing

Don’t try to please others and stay in a relationship where you are not happy. You don’t have to stay in a group with someone that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Find someone that desires to please you and desires to put in as much as you put in.

Attention Seeking

Relationships are full of attention seeking and affection. When you are in dire need of attention, the relationship can help you to feel that but this only lasts for a short amount of time. Don’t play with your own emotions or the emotions of others but be honest about who you are and what you need.


Some people are confused when it comes to relationships and they don’t realize that the relationship isn’t good for them. They want to be with someone and so they allow themselves to be just comfortable enough without seeing what is really going on.

Poor Mental Health

Partners that abuse are not good partners. They don’t love you and they might not even be able to love you. They probably have some kind of mental illness and it is something that you need to leave alone and let be. Don’t stay in a relationship with someone that is going to hurt you.

Not Good

Some people are just not good people. They don’t care about themselves or others. They don’t care about hurting you or putting you down and they just want to meet their own needs.

Why Do We Accept Lies from Our Partners?

When love is not returned, we sometimes look at ourselves as bad. We let low self-esteem cause us to ruin everything around us, even our own relationships.

The Past

Don’t be stuck in the past. If you are dealing with negative relationships or abuse from the past, get the therapy that you need. Don’t let the violation of the past keep you from finding new love.

Seeing Things as You Hope

Instead of seeing things as you hope them to be, see things as they really are. Don’t chase after people that are going to hurt you but learn to accept things for what they really are.

Fear of Intimacy

You might be someone that is afraid to get close to someone and so you choose to protect your heart instead of being vulnerable. You have to be vulnerable and protected to make a relationship work.


People can become addicted to drama just like other addictions. Don’t live in the excitement of drama and stay in toxic situations.

Letting Go of Unrequited Love

Being in a relationship should bring you peace and happiness and if that isn’t happening it might be time to move out of that relationship. Don’t stay stuck in a place that is going to make you miserable. Here are some ways to let go of a relationship that isn’t good for you:

Find Yourself

The first thing that you need to do is to find yourself and figure out where you are at. Look at your relationship issues and be honest about what is going on and where you want to be.

Make a space in your mind to allow yourself to figure out where you are. Write down your feelings and what you are thinking. Describe what you want in a relationship and what kind of person that you want to be in.

Don’t kid yourself on what is going on in your relationship. If you need someone that is kind or physical with you, find that. If it isn’t happening, move on with someone else.

Talk About It

Talk about what is going on and make sure that you are communicating with your partner. Find out what they want and what they are thinking. See if you are on the same page in the relationship. See what stages you both are in. If you or your partner don’t love each other, talk about it and what to do next.

Make sure that you are giving your partner the truth and that they are answering the things that you say in a respectful way. If they put you down then don’t talk about it. Don’t accuse each other and focus on how you feel and what you need instead. Make sure you are getting the emotional support you need.

Make a Space

You need to make a space to figure out what you really want in any relationship. After talking to your partner, make a space for you to move in or for you to leave. Make a space that is comfortable for you to find out what you want in the relationship and where you are now.

Once you are distanced from the relationship, look further into who you are and what you want. Find out things about yourself that you didn’t know. Make sure you have friends and family close to you.

Trust the Process

Allow yourself to be thankful for the process. Listen to what your intuition is telling you and let yourself be lead in a natural way. Figure out what the future holds for you. Figure out what you need and find out what is deserved of you. Don’t let your head and heart control you but make sure that you get out of the way of what you need.

Break Off Ties

Get rid of ties that don’t serve you well. Whatever you need, find it, and move forward. Don’t stay with people that aren’t giving you what you need and deserve. Severing ties can be a healthy way for you to get into what you need and who you are.

Once you are in the right time, get rid of the ties with your partner. Find new people to be around and communicate your feelings. Let them know that you are ready to move on and that you need to have space. Don’t accuse each other but only state the facts.

If you are dealing with an abusive partner, you need to make sure that you are talking to them in a way that you will be safe. You can go to someone to help you with this if you need to.

Protect Your Soul

It can be hard to wake up after a breakup, even in a bad relationship. Make sure that you are connecting with things that bring you peace and joy. Find people that you can talk to and make sure that you stay distracted.

Face the hurt that you have and find what real happiness is for you. Don’t get revenge and don’t say mean things, even if you are angry. Let this all heal as you move forward.

Protect and awaken your soul and find the happiness that you deserve. Be attached to people that love you and that take care of you. Find people that make you happy.

Getting Your Life Together

When you find yourself in a relationship that isn’t good for you and one where your partner doesn’t love you, it can be hard. It can cause you to have to fight for who you are. This can be confusing and there will be different feelings. You need to find love and someone that is going to be romantic with you. The future is what you make of it and if you are looking for love, give yourself a chance to find it.

Take time to figure out what your journey is about. Find relationships that are part of who you are and the way that you need them to be. Once you are ready to date, make sure that you tell who you are with what you need and what you want. Always start a new relationship slowly.

Put space between yourself and the partner that you choose and let the process happen. If things don’t seem happy right away, find someone else. Find things that bring you peace and joy and know that even though you had to break up, not everyone is meant to be in your life. This is okay and this is just part of life. Let go of the attachment that you have with someone that doesn’t feel the same about you as you feel about them.