What Makes You a Medium?

What Makes You a Medium?

Sometimes, you might have questions about your psychic gifts and what they mean. Maybe you feel that you have a gift, but you aren’t sure what it is or how to use it. Everyone can connect with the spirit but not everyone can be a medium.

Mediumship is different than someone that can talk to or interact with a spirit here or there. Some people want to know if they can be a stronger medium or if they can reach the level of mediumship. The truth is, you can raise your vibrational frequency and connect with spirits, and this is what makes you a medium. When you want to practice this, you can learn teachings and learn from other psychics on how to use your powers.

Psychic Powers

Being a medium is hard sometimes and the challenge is to be able to connect with spirits. The first thing that you have to do is to build your power. Building your power means that you do not have to control it or use your muscles like you would think you would have to. But building your power means that you are connecting with the powers that you have inside of you.

If you want to reach the power inside of you, you need to stop letting the noise come into your mind. You need to stop judging people and situations and you need to stop expecting things to be the way that you want them to be. You need to learn to go deep inside of yourself and to figure out what you believe and what you are feeling.

When you choose to meditate and be still, you can begin to believe and to understand what you are experiencing. You might have a human experience on the earth, but you can have a psychic experience when you reach your energy. You can concentrate on what your soul is saying to you and learn to connect with the universe.

Building your power has a certain feel and here are some things you might feel when you do this:

• Peace.
• Excitement.
• Support from your spirit guides.
• Hearing voices.
• Strong intuition.
• Getting messages from the spirit world.
• Connection to all souls.
• Feeling of pure love.
• Quiet and strong.
• Joy.
• Potential.

Once you have learned to reach into this power, you can learn to trust yourself and learn to feel connected in the spirit realm. You can use your gift and take it to the next level.

Using different techniques can help you to develop your gifting and encourage you to share your light with others.