What is the Opposite of an Empath?

What is the Opposite of an Empath?

There are people that are sensitive and there are people that are really sensitive. If you are one of those people that are sensitive, chances are you could be an empath. Being an empath can have a downside, but it can also be a great gift that you can use to help yourself and others. Being an empath means you pick up the emotions of others but there is an opposite of an empath and that is a narcissist.

A person that is an empath will attract a narcissist easily because they are so giving and kind. A narcissist is almost the exact opposite of an empath. If you are an empath and you are in this kind of relationship, you might need to let it lose so you can have a happy life.


A narcissist is someone that will be there to hurt you and cause you pain in your life. Even though there is a diagnosis for being a narcissistic person, most people are not diagnosed even if they have these toxic behaviors.

Pattern of Behavior

Someone that is diagnosed with a pattern of grandiosity means that they are someone that thinks they are better than others and they normally show this by:

  • Exaggerating how important they are.
  • Lie about things so they look better.
  • Pretend to have no flaws.
  • Obsessed with being the best and prettiest.
  • Believe that they are more special than everyone else.
  • Are very arrogant.

This does not get confused with someone that is confidence because someone that is confidence knows that they have flaws. A narcissist does not believe they have flaws, and there will be little people that do.

Here are some actions of a narcissist:

  • Need more attention from others.
  • Want you to admire them.
  • Need to feel entitled.
  • Want to feel special.
  • Make expectations that are not reachable.
  • Exploit other people so they look better.
  • Always feel better than everyone else.
  • Will discard those that love them or forget them.
  • Have no empathy for others.
  • Do not care about the feelings of other people.

A narcissist will pretend to be nice and will show love at the beginning. Right when they become familiar with someone, they will show their real self.

A narcissist cannot truly love anyone but themselves and here is why:

  • They are always jealous.
  • Very insecure.
  • Want things to be about them.

This person can suffer with NPD which is a diagnosis of narcissism.

Empath and Narcissist Relationship

Narcissists are not the same as empaths and most of them have had traumatic events happen to them in their life such as abuse or pain. This could be from a parent or caregiver. Most of them are also usually depressed, addicts or mentally ill.

Empaths and Narcissist Match

People that have went through traumatic events wants to be with people that can help them. An empath that has had hard events will take their emotions and use them to save others. An empath will become overwhelmed with things around them and will need to have boundaries and a narcissist does not believe in boundaries.

A narcissist will be affected by their past and will not be able to cope with their abuse. Instead, they will treat others worse than they are treated and will always want to be the center of attention. A narcissist will be aggressive and will want to be admired and have supporters that will support whatever agenda they have.

If you are a narcissist and you want someone to admire you, an empath is the best because they are loving and caring and giving to everyone they meet.

Toxic Relationship

An empath and a narcissist will be a toxic relationship because the empath will always be giving their time and attention to the person that is just always taking. An emotional vampire is often called a narcissist because they feed on the prey of empaths.

Even if you are an empath, you need to get some kind of emotional and physical support from your partner. You cannot make someone else love you and you cannot heal them if they have problems in their life. People often believe that a narcissist will change but the truth is, this happens very seldom.

Break Up with a Narcissist

If you are an empath and you have fallen for a narcissist, you need to be careful. A narcissist needs to be healed and even if you think that they will change, this is very slim. If you have a relationship with a narcissist and you feel abused, you need to do something about it. Do not let them harm you. Here are some ways you can get out of this bond:

Learn about the Narcissist

There is a lot of information online and in books that you can learn about a narcissist. Learn about their personality and about their traits. Look for signs of abuse.


Recognize that you are being abused and know this is never okay. You have to stop being susceptible to this kind of connection. Ask yourself:

  • Was I abused or mistreated by a caregiver?
  • Does the narcissist have the same personality as this caregiver?
  • Am I repeating patterns from my past?
  • Am I dependable for others when they are not there for me?
  • Do I have problems with boundaries?
  • Do I have low self-esteem?
  • Am I an empath?
  • Do I want to help everyone?

Look at these traits and see if you have them. This can help you to be more aware of who you are and who you attract.


If you answered yes to the traits above, you can be healed. Talk to a therapist or a counselor and let them help you. Meditate each day so that you can balance your chakras. This can help you to find strength and to be one with yourself. Be the best you can be so that you can make healthy decisions.

No Contact

If you are with a narcissist and they are abusive, get away from them. You cannot heal others and you will need to find healing if you are in a toxic relationship. Learn to walk away and have peace in your life.

If you have to say no contact to this person, do it. If you have children with them, talk to the courts. This is hard for some people, but you can be strong so that you can heal and have self-love.


What will you do for yourself so that you can be healthy and whole? If you are an empath and you are in a narcissistic relationship, you need to end this connection so that you can be successful in your life. If you aren’t sure where to start, talk to someone and get the help that you need to move on.