What Does True Love Look Like?

True Love Look Like

Falling in love can be a life lesson. It can be hard to find love and there are challenges and hardships along the way. As a couple gets together, they grow together through different life stages. They have to learn about who they are, and they have to learn about what their partner needs and wishes from them.

People that don’t stay together through the stages most likely won’t be together for very long. The relationship can become very painful and toxic. Even though meeting someone is the first part of the journey, it isn’t nearly all that there is when it comes to love. If you want to have love that keeps lasting and that brings you peace and happiness, keep reading.

Meeting Stage – Stage 1

This is the stage that you will have to meet someone. If you don’t say yes to all of the things listed then chances are that you aren’t meant to be with that person. Here are the things that your partner needs to meet in order to keep strong in the relationship:

  • You become attracted to their physical looks.
  • You are comfortable in what they wear and how they look.
  • They have manners and they are able to represent themselves in a good way.
  • Their voice is comforting to you.
  • They talk to you and have a speech that allows you to have open communication with them.
  • They have values that meet up with your values.
  • Their lifestyle has to work with the lifestyle that you have.
  • The obligations such as work or an ex, even children has to match what you can handle.
  • Their goals must meet your goals.
  • You know they have a past and you can look past it.

When two people get close to each other there are many reasons why the relationship might not last. When you give your time and energy to others, you need to make sure that things don’t cause problems which could later end in you separating.

You cannot change someone or make them what you want them to be and if you have an idea of doing that, you will face many problems along the way. You should never be in a relationship where you think that you will change or save someone.

Stride Stage – Stage 2

This is the stage that you know that you made it past the first stage and you are in the same direction in life. You know that you can be together in your daily life, and you feel peaceful as a couple.

You both are independent, but you also love to be together. You don’t think about losing yourself and you keep your own identity. This is the stage where you have learned a lot about love.

Sharing Stage – Stage 3

As you move through your relationship and your life, you will begin to make valuable memories. You will grow together and experience new things. You will both have your own thoughts, and you will know that life is a learning lesson.

As you experience new things, you will share successes and disappointments, but you keep moving forward. The memories that you share together will affect how you feel for each other. It will either make you have more love or less love. You will remember all of the experiences that you have went through, both the good ones and the bad ones.

These are things that will make you feel intimate to each other and comfortable with each other. No matter what challenges you face, you will work together through them.

Devotion Stage – Final Stage

Couples that make it to this stage will likely last. These are people that have been through a lot of things, and they are respectful of each other. They show love and honor to their partner, and they know that they have found true love. This love will be a devoted kind of love and it will feel like you have found your soulmate.