How to Break Soul Ties?

How to Break Soul Ties

Soul ties can happen with family, friends or even partners. They can be very powerful, and they can really hold you back. So, what happens when you break up with someone or you move on, and you are still connected to them?

The connections that you have will leave you with a feeling that is strong and hard to get rid of and this is a soul tie. The effort that these kinds of ties can leave you fighting about can be hard and you have to know a healthy way to get rid of them.

Soul ties develop and you can learn to identify them so that you can change your life for the better. You will learn to break the soul ties and to get over relationships that come to an end.

What are Soul Ties?

A soul tie is also a spiritual connection that you make with someone that you are intimate with. This means that you want to be close to the person.

There are positive and negative soul ties and the connections to others don’t depend on how good they are. Sometimes though, we have to get rid of soul ties in order to feel better in our own lives.

Knowing You Have a Soul Tie

The good news is that there are also positive soul ties that are people that are there to support you and that are there to love you forever.

No matter if your soul tie is healthy or unhealthy, here are some signs that they exist:

  • You feel sad whenever the person leaves.
  • You know what someone is thinking.
  • The person knows you deeply.
  • You make connections easily without putting in effort.
  • You always think about this person.
  • You cannot imagine your life without them.

Problems with Soul Ties

Having bad soul ties can come and they will not be good for you. When you have negative soul ties then you will see that the breakup will cause you to hurt for years and years.

You might believe that you have a better life without this person, but chances are that you don’t believe you can ever really move forward.

Soul ties that need to be broken can include:

  • Having a hard time making new friends.
  • Dreaming constantly about your ex.
  • Wondering if the relationship could have been saved.
  • Wanting to talk to them even when it’s a bad choice.
  • Feeling like you have no sense of being yourself.

A good soul tie will make you feel happy and peaceful in your life.

How to Break Soul Ties

You can break soul ties and learn to move on in a healthy way. This can help you to love yourself more.

You will know that it is time to move on when you no longer need the person, but you feel a fear of loss with them. There are different connections that you can make that will be deep as well and they can be healthy.

Discover the Action

The first thing that you have to do is accept that you are holding on to a toxic relationship and that you want to make changes. There are different reasons that you might not admit this, and it can be because you are afraid of being alone or afraid of the unknown.

Soul ties can be an addiction to you, and it can be something you become dependent on. You can control your emotions and feel better and make strides to move forward in your life. Sometimes you might need to see a counselor or even begin writing in a journal.

These are ways that you can know what you are feeling, and you can break the soul tie. You can learn to discuss what you are feeling and take action to get rid of this person in your life. Delete them from social media and take their number out of your phone and follow some of these other tips as well.


The biggest reason that you stay upset is that you are not able to forgive them for hurting you. You have to forgive them and yourself.

You need to get rid of the emotional debts of soul ties that live in you. Write down what you forgive them for and what you haven’t moved past yet. Figure out if you feel that you have wasted too much time on someone that hurt you and learn to forgive these things.

Letting Loose

You have to let go of this person. Remove the soul tie and get rid of anything that reminds you of them such as gifts, pictures, or other things. Let go of them and do not be with them anymore. You might want to avoid dating for a while and learn to know yourself better.

Using the Law of Attraction

Getting rid of a soul tie can be hard and you need to use the Law of Attraction sometimes to help you. You can do this by thinking positively and by inviting new relationships in your life.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you put out there you will get back. Visualize things that you love and deserve and let love come to your life.