Getting the Attention You Crave

Getting the Attention You Crave

Are you craving to get the attention of that guy who passes by every day at the office or the attention of that lady that you always ride the elevator with? It’s actually easy to get someone’s attention if you have the right tips in mind. So, the next time you pass by that gorgeous woman or handsome man keep this in mind. If you are looking to get the attention of your newest love interest and are not sure on how to go about it, keep these five tips on how to get his or her attention in mind.

Confidence Wins Every Time

If you want to catch their attention, exude confidence with everything you say, do and every step you take. Shine! Confidence is a winner and people notice it. Even if you don’t have confidence, fake it until you do. Or just keep faking it. Stand up straight, talk with ease and intelligence and hold your head up. Believe in yourself and others will notice you.

Communicate With Them

Make an effort to strike up a conversation. If you just glance over at them and never say a word, you won’t get anywhere. Be confident and ask them something general. Avoid talking about the weather as that will just sound ridiculous. Ask them if they saw the latest movie or what type of food they like. If they keep talking about their love for sushi or steak, you can take this opportunity to ask them out to lunch or dinner.

An Active Listener Is Rare

If they are speaking with you, actively listen and show them that what they have to say is of importance. They will notice that you actually care to listen and will remember this the next time they are being thoroughly ignored by someone else. Being remembered for these types of listening skills opens up doorways, as that person will feel more comfortable talking with you again.

Show a Little Mystery

People want what they can’t have or at least what they can’t figure out. Make your love interest crave more from you. Leave them thinking and wondering what you will do next. People value spontaneity and mystery. Don’t tell them your whole life story when you first meet. Make them want to know more each time they see you.

A Smile Goes a Long Way

It is proven time and time again that a happy smile attracts. Smiling portrays a positive spirit and someone who is confident in themselves. People are drawn to those who smile and laugh regularly as positive people are the best to be around. Next time you walk by them, shoot them a smile. They will most definitely remember you.

Dress for Success

It may sound materialistic, but your crush is going to notice you if you are dressed nicely. Leave the shirt with the holes and the jogging pants at home, even if your crush is in the gym you frequent. Keep up with personal hygiene and dress casually but with taste.

These are only a few tips on how to get his or her attention with the most important one being confidence. A confident individual is always be recognized ahead of the rest so keep your head up and walk tall.