Using Love and Light to Heal

Using Love to Heal

Do you need a healing? Did you know that you can activate the light of your heart and bring love and healing to your being? When you activate your heart, it helps you to find love, healing and can help you to manifest things to your life.

When you struggle with things such as negativity and pain or drama in your life, it can cause your heart center to close off. It can cause your heart to be full of negative energy. When you open up your heart, you awaken your heart center, and you allow your soul to align with your heart and to bring purpose and love to your life.

This can give you courage that you need to be able to manifest things into your life. If you want to align your love and healing, you can make sure that you are opening up your heart and that you are being strong. There are angels that can help you and support you such as Raphael and other Angels of Love and they can help to guide you and heal you along the way.

There are ways that you can unlock different realms of love when you open up your heart and there are different possibilities that come to you and can help to get rid of any kind of negativity or blockages that have come upon you. This can help you to open up your mind, soul and body and help you to be stronger and to have the strength that you need to live.

Things That Will Happen for You

When you use love to heal, here are some things that can happen for you:

  • You will activate and open up your heart.
  • You will send and receive love and healing.
  • You will have a full heart with the highest good.
  • You will get blessings in your life.
  • Receive healing that you need.
  • Open up the energy centers.
  • Open up healing and light.

When you meditate and listen and you let the angels energy come to you, you will be more available to love and to life. You will see healing and maybe even experience some of your awakening power.


Activate your heart and let the light shine through you. This will give you peace and will help you to have calmness and help you to channel and shift love through your being.

When light moves throughout your life, you will see that it is full of love and healing. Embrace this light and let it become a part of your everyday living.