Twin Flame Relationship

Finding Your Twin Flame Relationship

If you have ever instantly connected with someone, agreeing with them, thinking about them, enjoying your time with them, and wondering what they are doing, you might have a special kind of relationship.

This kind of relationship is called a twin soul’s relationship which is like having a soul mate.  These relationships are built on trust and are giving and taking and they are relationships where people share similar feelings and thoughts.

These relationships bring joy and a feeling of someone new coming home to you.  They can be brought to you from a higher calling and in the early stages, there will be two energies that are balanced.  These twin flames can have a healthy relationship and can have a magnetic connection that is not easily broken.  They might even share physical and spiritual energy and be loving, but they can also be filled with pain and turmoil.

Once you reach your equilibrium with your twin flame, the relationship will become something that is unimaginable both physically and spiritually.  Make sure though that this relationship is healthy and that you are in it with kindness both given and received.  Make sure there are healthy boundaries in these relationships and that you do not feel trapped or confused.

Twin flame lovers can be a great relationship and can develop into an amazing relationship and you can know by these different signs that you have this type of relationship:

Deep Connection

If you have a deep connection and you are comforted by your twin flame, this can be a good thing.  This can be a bond from mother nature and can make your vibrations increased and they can get faster.  This can be energetic, and you can be opposite of each other while still having the connection.

You might find yourself loving them deeper and feel that you have pure love.

Mental Connection

When there are twin flames, there is a mental connection that can run deeper than blood. This is when both people in the relationship are electrically charged, and they connect right away.

They are interested in each other, and the relationship is stimulating, and it brings out the talents and the good things so that goals and dreams can be reached.

Physical Connection

The physical connection of twin flame is powerful and can make you feel as one.  It is energy that is stored within each of you and brings new light.  You become aware of their flaws, but you have a deep awareness that you are meant to be together.  Once they show dysfunctional behaviors, it can cause a stress in the relationship.

Physical attraction is not enough and there has to be an exchange of energy and there has to be respect.  The physical connection is not based on sexual attraction, but it comes from nature.


The spiritual connection is also strong, and it controls the emotions and moods of both people.  There is an unconditional love that comes, and this is rare for most people.  Each partner must get rid of their spiritual problems in order to keep the relationship strong without pain.

In order to have a perfect union, there can be no one that depends on the other and there has to be expectations that are clear and easily met.  If you want to have this union of unconditional love, there has to be more than just attraction.

Signs of a Twin Flame Relationship

  • Being attracted to each other-you always feel that you are pulling each other home.
  • Think differently-when you are together, you look at things differently.
  • Come and go-you might be together all the time and then separate for a while, this is normal, and they will come back if they are meant to be.
  • Everything is right-When you are together, you feel that the world is right, and nothing can be wrong.
  • Balanced-you feel that your Yin and Yang are balanced, and you are happy and full of joy.
  • Life changed-you don’t realize it, but you become a different person.
  • Rationality-you become rational in your relationship, and you aren’t blinded by your experiences.
  • Immediate connection-you find that you can connect immediately, and you don’t have to work at it.
  • Keeping you together-you can’t explain it, but something is keeping you together.
  • More than friends-you find yourself loving them stronger than friendships.
  • Want to be near each other-you feel that you cannot go on if you don’t see them and you aren’t around them, even for a day.
  • Connection-You know that you are connected, and you don’t ever feel misunderstood.
  • Passionate-You love what they desire, and you want them to live their life well and you are passionate about what they want.
  • Things can be shaky-Sometimes you feel that your relationship is shaky, but you still love each other even when things aren’t so good.
  • Spiritual love-you find that you are whole when you are with them both physically and spiritually.
  • Family-You feel that you are part of their family, and they won’t judge you.
  • Sharing-you fight sometimes but you are always happy with them, and you share everything with them.
  • Commonalities-you don’t care if you are different from each other, and this makes your relationship stronger.
  • Traveling-you love going places with them, especially new places. You feel a strong bond everywhere you go.
  • All friends-you are friends with their friends, and they are friends with your friend. You stay away from people that are toxic.
  • Understanding-you understand each other in all ways. You are a team through everything.
  • Love cuddling-you find that you could lay in bed all day just holding each other.
  • Alone time-you know that each of you needs alone time, and you have no problem giving them this.
  • Sentences-you find that you are always finishing each other’s sentences. You know exactly what they will say.
  • No jealousy-you never get jealous wherever they are or who they are with. You know that you have true friendship and that this will not be broken by anyone.


Twin connections are not rare, and they are sometimes misunderstood because people do not always believe in finding a soul mate.  If you can figure out this relationship and see what it looks like from the inside, then you will understand that you are meant to have a twin flame.

Even if you don’t understand this relationship, run with it, and keep it in mind and know that it can work.  These relationships don’t always mean that there will be romance, and they can be just someone that you need in your life to love you and to stick up for you.

True love doesn’t always mean that you will be romantic, it means that you want to be together and that you want them to be there for you.  These relationships can help you to be authentic and to find people that you know are real that bring out the best in you.

When you are with your twin flame, you will not doubt, and you will see that your connection is deeper.  You will be able to be your true self and they will always encourage you to be who you are.  These relationships are immune to what the world says, and they are made of trust and care.

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