The Guide to Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are part of your soul meetings. They work and make agreements with other souls. This can be a positive or a negative experience but once you understand them, you can understand why you connect with other souls.

The soul contracts are there to assist you in reaching your life purpose. The soul contracts teach you about humans but sometimes these are spiritual bonds and not human bonds. As you live on the earth, you will see that you are around people that you might share a soul agreement with. These are connections that can hurt you or cause you pain but they are made up of both love and pain.

The contracts aren’t something that is written as a rule, they are just there in your life so that you can have spiritual growth. They are there to help you to make a connection that could end in something blissful.

Why Are There Soul Contracts?

Before you go into a new body after death, you will meet other people. The souls will make agreements to work together to experience things in the world. If you have a good soul contract then these people will come to you to help you reach your purpose in life.

Some believe that your soul is assigned to an angel that will guard you and teach you before you go into a human body. Once you are born, you take what you learn with you from that experience.

For this to work though, you have to follow the laws of the universe and this means that you have to make sure that you are following the rules or you won’t reach your purpose.

Making Negotiations

Some also believe that the souls that make agreements before coming to earth will figure out what lessons they have to learn in their life. They will decide who they will meet, who will teach them things and what they need to learn. Before they even go into a body, they are able to talk to their future parents to know more.

They will also know their family behaviors and how they are going to act. So then when they get into their body, their soul will know what to do and they won’t have to create a whole new life plan because they will already know it.

Do Soul Contracts Affect Your Life?

The soul contracts that you have will affect your purpose. There will be agreements made that allow you to connect with people that you need in your life to help you reach your goals. These connections will come together to give you the best life possible.

Some people think that soul contracts are there to teach you about humility but this is more about what you will experience in the world.

How is a Soul Contract Made?

There are three types of soul contracts: positive, negative, and neutral. These energies will be strong or weak depending on the power and how much you accept or ignore it.

A positive soul contract will help people that have a pure heart. They will be people that want to help others and live their best lives. Negative soul contracts will be people that are abusive, manipulative or those that only care about themselves.

Understanding Soul Contracts

Soul contracts will help you to learn about yourself and others. As you live, you will experience what the world has to offer. This can be both positive and negative.

Positive souls that you meet will be there to teach you things and to help you to have a pure heart. You will set your intentions and you will learn to be kind and loving towards others. People that have a positive soul will gain wisdom and love from the universe.

Negative souls that you meet will be people that are manipulative and that want to use you or abuse you. They will want to be the center of everyone’s attention, and they will never love anyone but themselves.

Negative souls will never win in the end, and they will lose their power and will eventually stop existing when the time comes.

The neutral souls are the ones that are balanced and they don’t have strong negative or strong positive traits. They are often followers or leaders and this can depend on the situation in front of them.

The soul is broken down to energies and these energies will become pure white light. This will create life and influence and the power will be divine for them.

Preparing for Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are given to you before you go into a new body after death or before birth. Your soul will make an agreement with other souls and with your higher being. You will learn things in that lifetime that you make a decision to learn before you go into it.

Before you become a fetus, you will know your future parents and you will find out about your family history and behavior so that you know how to act. This will help you to be able to fit into the world around you.

The older you get, the soul contracts will affect your life including your relationships. When there are agreements that are broken or becoming negative, they will not be fulfilled and the contract will become void. If you aren’t sure about your future, you will need to learn more about your own soul contract.

Using Your Soul Contract

As you go through your life, you will see that you have learned many things. You will learn lessons on living your best life and you will understand going through hard things.

As negative behaviors of others come to you and you have relationships that are affected, you will see that love can get you through things. You can have more positive energies towards people once you understand the soul contract and this can help you to get rid of anger or hate.

When a person violates someone else, they will lose power because they are violating the soul contract. If you have been abused, that person is violating their contract and you need to tell the universe. This can be a negative soul in their soul contract and this can be hurtful for their life.

Your life is full of the things that you experience and as you learn things, you will face people that are both good and bad. You will have to deal with mistakes that were made, and you will see that your soul contracts are part of your experiences.

Soul Contracts and Soulmates

Soulmates can be part of your soul contract but this is just a piece of it. There will be different soulmates that come into your life during your journey. You will see that there are groups that will form around you and the people in your life such as your friends and your family will be part of your group.

You have made soul contracts with people around you and you have made them even with people that aren’t your soulmate. Soulmates are part of your soul family, and they can be kindred spirits or more but they are a different category than your soul contract.

Soul Families

A soul family can be your twin flame, your soulmate, or other souls that you meet along the way. They are part of your soul energy, and they aren’t normally related to you by blood. They will be there to help meet your needs and if you ask them to come into your life, they will.

You can connect with people that aren’t part of your soul family and this is a common thing. These people will also help to meet your needs and they will guide you through your life.

Breaking a Soul Contract

Sometimes a soul contract will be broken. This can happen when the person is being positive and they have to make a change for karma purposes. You can also break a soul contract when you go against the laws of the universe and you don’t let the universe help you or reward you.

This will not have positive energy with it though and if you are not keeping your soul contracts then you will have a hard time growing spiritually. You need to focus on doing good things for yourself and for others.

As you make changes in your life, you will be able to find this positive energy again, even if you broke your soul contract. You will see that you can stop being negative and that you can stop experiencing negative things.

Don’t be upset at others for breaking their soul contract with you but learn from the mistakes that they made and the mistakes that you make.

What About Mistakes?

If you have made a mistake then you need to understand that this mistake is part of the soul contract that you have. Not all mistakes are good though and you have to make sure that you are learning from every mistake that you make.

Ask your guides to help you to make good decisions and the universe will award you for this. A soul contract will help you when you are making sure to follow the laws of the universe.

The laws are there to guide you and to help you to have positive connections in your life. They are there to help you grow and to help you to have better karma.

A broken soul contract has a background and if you have made a mistake and broken it, you can try to fix this and make things better.

Soul Contracts and Healing

Soul contracts can affect the healing that you have. Sometimes your soul contract comes with spiritual healing. When you talk about healing though it has to be physical, spiritual, and emotional. Spiritual healing is when you are connecting with the spirit and when you are effected in your overall wellbeing.

Spiritual healing happens when you meet your own needs in your spirit man. You can do this as much as you can and it will be a positive thing.

Soul Contracts and Love

Soul contracts can bring you love and can help you to know when you need to give love and compassion to others. If you need to be empathetic to other people, you can do this by being compassionate. This will give you peace and will help you to have opportunities all around you.

Conscious Thinking

Soul contracts help you to know that you are the one that is responsible for your life. If you want to be happy, make good decisions. Keep your level of consciousness high so that you can have an overall wellbeing that is good.

Listen to Your Soul

Soul contracts help you to listen to your soul and not know what your soul is dealing with. This can be negative thoughts or feelings of being lonely. If you feel this, you have to make decisions that can help you with your purpose and good decisions that can make your energy flow.

You can live a good life without following the laws of the universe but you will have to pay a price. You will probably feel shame and guilt if you go this course.

Finding Your Purpose

You can use your soul contract to help you to find your purpose. Listen to your intuition and let your soul contract give you meaning in your life. If your soul contract is broken, you will feel anxious or guilty.

Spiritual Growth

Your soul contract can help you to grow spiritually. It gives you balance and love and helps you to have peace and joy.

You and the Universe

Your soul contract is important because it helps you to be one with the universe. You can use your soul contract and fulfill it so that you can feel good and happy. You will be with one to the universe when you reach your soul contract, and this will mean that you have synchronicities and coincidences that you never imagined.

Final Thoughts

You need to have purpose in your life and you need to make sure that you are dealing with your soul contracts. If you are feeling guilty or anxious, embrace your soul contracts and work past your mistakes. Fulfilling these contracts will lead you to peace and happiness.