Soulmate Relationship Ends

When a Soulmate Relationship Ends

Soulmates are sent to us so that they can help us to change our lives and to learn lessons.  When a soulmate relationship is part of your journey, when it ends, it can be hard to let go.  Ending a soulmate relationship can bring about sadness and hard feelings.

Both souls in a relationship will start out great and will click fast.  This happens so that you can find your soulmate and know that you are meant to be together.  When things start to go bad though, this can be a time when we have to learn to move on.

Some people will not want to face this and will be worried about having to end the relationship.  They might think that the soulmate relationship should be stronger, and they will feel that there are personal and emotional challenges that come along with this.

There is always a choice to stay or a choice to try to work things out.  When a soulmate relationship ends fast or too soon, chances are that they will reconnect later down the road on a spiritual or emotional level.

Sometimes, there will be a person that you connect with that is very similar to your soulmate and it will be like you are learning a lesson from your new relationship that you should have learned from your soulmate.

The important thing to know is that when a relationship is supposed to end, even a soulmate relationship, you have to allow it to end and be ready to move on without holding grudges or being angry.

When you end any relationship, it can be hard.  When there is a soulmate relationship, this can be on a different level and can be harder to deal with than a regular break up.

When you struggle to move on from your soulmate, here are some things you can do.


Each person is connected through some type of energy and these energies are strongest when you are in a relationship with someone. When you and your soulmate are strong energy fields, there will be a cloud of energy that will cause you to be able to communicate and these can bring issues that show other points of view.

Take time to picture the energy of your soul in your mind and allow it to be cleansed and clear.  Imagine a light around you. You can strengthen your communication with each other and feel better about the relationship.

Heart Chakra

Whatever is causing you to feel bad, you need to send out love and care.  If you find it hard to let go of your soulmate, you need to think about a pink light coming down to your heart chakra.  When you sense the light getting stronger, you can get rid of the pains and move forward.

While seeing the light, ask the universe to help you and to make you love again.

Soul Contract

Each soul contract with your soulmate is a contract that will help you learn a lesson.  When you are meditating, as the spirit guides to help you connect with others and to show you what lesson that you need to learn.

You might see things from a different angle and be able to understand why the contract was there and why it was a time for you to connect and disconnect. No contract can be longer than it is meant to be, and this is part of free will.  You can form a new contract if you choose to.


It can be hard when your soulmate wants to leave, and you want to stay.  Even if this happens, let the person go without judging them. If they want space, give them space without being upset.

If you are having a hard time letting go, you can know and trust that your choice is right.  You can allow the universe to help you surrender this and to help you let go so you can heal.


Soulmates will come and go, and the universe will make sure that you have many different soulmates over the term of your life.  Never forget that this will happen and don’t get upset when things don’t go the way that you want them to.

You might feel like your relationship is destined to be forever and you might see challenges and face things that will cause you to learn something.  Remember that there is another soulmate out there that will come in your life when the time is right.

Release Anger

When something doesn’t work out with your soulmate, you will have negative feelings.  When these come at the end of your relationship, you have to push them back and work towards healing. It is not helpful when you are angry and the path that you are leading will need time to heal from any breakup.

Ask your spirit guides to help you to not be angry and to not be attached to your soulmate.  If you feel guilty, ask the guides to help you to end in a happy and healing way.  Keep your vibrations high.


No matter why your soulmate relationship ended, know it isn’t personal.  It is not either persons fault, but it is just a thing that happens. Each person has their own journey, and it is a time where things will start, and things will end.  Each person will see different paths on their journey.

When it comes to a soulmate, when the relationship ends, you have to learn to be healed and to forgive.  This is part of the journey. When you struggle with positive energy, you need to ask the spirit guides to help you move forward.  Meditate and let your partner know how you are feeling so that you can give and get compassion.


The universe will tell you that things are over.  Always stay open to the signs and listen to what they are saying. Ask the spirit guides to send you signs and let you know when you should move forward.   Trust the signs and let your mind know that you are making the right choice.

If you and your soulmate are awakened, you will feel and hear the same things from the universe.  Don’t ignore the signs and be upset, just know that you are doing things at the right time and that the universe is sending you a message on your journey.

Close It

When you have realized it is time to go your separate ways, do this without hurting each other.  Think about the things that you have learned together. It might not be easy to have a friendship with this person at first but work on it and remember the good times that you had.  Always be thankful for your lessons.

Spend time with your soulmate and pray for them.  Allow them to be happy on their journey. Ending a soulmate relationship can be hard and can make you sad, but trust and know that everything happens for a reason.  Pay attention to your signs and know that everything will be okay.

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