Signs Your Relationship is Over

Relationship is Over

There are people that are strongly in love, and this makes them feel happy and free. But, when you start to wonder if your relationship isn’t making it as strong as it used to, you will see that there might be trouble brewing.

In the United States, divorce is happening all over the world and even couples that have been together for a long time are moving towards divorce. There are signs that can show you that your relationship is beginning to come to an end:

Spending Time Alone

Everyone in a relationship goes through the honeymoon phase. This happens once the beginning of the relationship starts to wear off. Once you learn to be together day in and day out, what once started as a desire has started to become a pain.

When the relationship gets longer, spending time together becomes less and less. This can happen in a relationship that is serious and sometimes the partners start to make excuses as to why they shouldn’t hang out.

If you find that you are in the point of your relationship where you would rather be by yourself or with your friends than your partner, this is a bad sign. You need to look and see what is going on in your relationship and see what is the reason this is happening.

You should have interests and you should be your own person, but spending too much time alone and without your partner is a sign that it might be over.

Fighting A Lot

Everyone fights here and there but couples that argue should be having respect and love for each other still. They should be able to solve whatever is going on without hurting each other.

Arguing constructively and not attacking each other makes a good relationship but when you find that you are arguing more aggressively or that every argument gets worse and worse, that is a problem. Here are some arguments that are unhealthy:

  • Whenever you talk about something serious it becomes an argument.
  • You verbally jab each other.
  • You use hurtful words when you argue.
  • You argue over the same things each time and you never come up with a way to solve the problem.
  • You focus on what you are feeling.
  • You don’t listen to what your partner is telling you.
  • You bring up the past.
  • You criticize each other.

When there are constantly negative fights that are happening, it might make you wonder if you should stay together or not.

No Couples Therapy

Do you or your partner think that couples therapy is a good idea but one of you are totally against it? Sometimes there will be things in the relationship that you or your partner cannot get past. When this happens, getting couples counseling can help. But the problem is, when one or the other refuses to get the therapy needed, things cannot be fixed.

There are different reasons why you or your partner might not want to be in couples counseling. You might not like the idea of therapy, or you might feel that therapy will bring up negative emotions.

No matter what the reasons are, if you and your partner cannot solve issues, you have to work through them with someone else. If therapy is off the table then one of you don’t respect the relationship enough to try and make things work.

Journey Has Changed

Couples that are living in happy homes together do this because they are on the same journey. They share the same values and interests and they set goals together. But, when there are couples that have little in common or if their goals begin to change, this can be a problem.

Some couples get together only to find out that one of them wants to have children and the other partner doesn’t. The goals can change over time and as you get older, you might find that you have a different thought pattern on things. If the journey is changed for one of you and not the other, there might be a problem.

Sex Isn’t Working

Some couples will find that sex helps to solve all of the problems in a relationship. The truth is sex is important and it is something that healthy couples share together.

In relationships that have lasted a while, stress is still a part of their life. If your partner isn’t in the mood or if you are more sexually driven than your partner, there could be a problem.


If there is abuse in the relationship, the relationship needs to end right now. There should never be abuse in any relationship and this is toxic. There is physical and emotional abuse and if you see this kind of abuse then end the relationship right away:

  • Controlling.
  • Isolation from friends and family.
  • You can never do anything right without your partner saying how wrong you are.

No abuse is okay and if you are experiencing this, you need to figure out how to get out of this kind of relationship quickly.

Final Thoughts

If you cannot get over the problems that you are facing with your partner, you need to probably move on. Learning to move on is hard but you can live a healthy life as someone single. You need to make sure that you are living your best life and if that isn’t with your partner, so be it.

Getting over someone that you are in love with is hard but you can make this happen. You can learn to live your best life rather you are single or with someone.