Sex-the ultimate cure

Are you having a bad day? Nervous about something? Not feeling confident enough? Relax. We’ve got the solution. Researchers have found that sex is the ultimate cure, regardless of your situation.

Orgasm causes the brain to release Oxytocin, making one feel relaxed and energized, according to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. So next time you think of rushing out bed in the morning, think twice as it may save your day. Spend some more time with your partner as it might just give you that confidence you need.

Still, on Dr. Teitelbaum, sex has proven to reduce stage fright and anxiety in from of audiences.

Sex also has proven benefits for your skin. sweat that covers your body after a vigorous session is full of nourishing oils for your skin, according to Dr. Caandida Royale, author of How to Tell A Naked Man What To Do. “It’s best not to rush into the shower, to allow the body re-absorbs these natural oils” sex enhances blood circulation within the body.

Whenever you feel unwell, there is no other well-known medication than sex, which stimulates one’s immune system and the more you have it, the less vulnerable you become to colds and flu according to recent discoveries. Dr. Deborah Anapol says that there are benefits of deep kissing. Its known to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol which therefore stimulates the production of antibodies that in the end helps fight infections. The New York Times recently reported that holding hands is a form of a stress reliever.

“Having sex three times a week will make you look ten years younger” at least according to g to Dr. Teitelbaum.

Dr. Royalle says “A good round of sex will create feelings of well-being and contentment. It can fill your body with positive feelings about yourself, your lover and your life.”

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