Never Let your Soulmate Go

Never Let your Soulmate Go

Many different cultures believed in different things with the human body such as Zeus who thought that the body needed to be split in two halves because he thought it was too strong. When this happened, the man and the woman became separated because Zeus did not want them to rebel.

According to the legend, when these two were separated, they roamed around until they found each other, and this was their other half. When they do find each other, they will unite, and they will be joined.

When you find your soulmate, it is not always easy because there are so many people that live in the world. Your other half could even be on the other side of the earth. Finding your soulmate is not always hard either and sometimes the soulmate can be there and can help to make someone a happy life with a great relationship.

Some call a soulmate a powerful bond that is between two people. Here are some signs that can mean you have found your soulmate:


One thing about finding your soulmate is that they can make you feel safe. You find it easy to talk to them and they do not cause you to be anxious or fearful. You love having them around you and they make your day better when you are feeling bad. You never have to worry about them making you feel better, they always do.


Maybe you meet someone that you totally understand. It could be that they even understand your emotions, your jokes, and your bad cooking.

This can be the person that is there for you because you complete them, and they complete you. If you are an introvert, chances are they will be extroverts and together, you make a whole person. The differences that you have with this person will only bring you closer and you will balance each other.


When you have a soulmate, it does not mean you will not fight, chances are you will fight more because of your personalities. Even if you fight though, you will be able to solve your problems. You will forgive them and not make them feel bad.


When you have someone that is a soulmate connection, you will see that you will do whatever the other person wants. You will feel comfortable with them, and you will love them no matter what.


Finding your soulmate means that you are respectful of the other person. This does not mean you will always agree with each other, it just means that you are open minded with them, and you allow them to have their own opinions.

Alone Time

Having time for you is one of the things in your relationship that are often overlooked. Everyone needs to have some time alone.

When you tell your soulmate that you want to be alone, they will let you without complaining. You will do the same for them because when they need alone time, you will let them without constantly checking on them.


Your soulmate will protect you and will do whatever they can to keep you safe no matter what. They will protect you in big and small ways. Men that are in a soulmate relationship will protect their woman with their life and it is called the hero instinct.

When a man wants to be a hero, he will do this with someone that he loves. He will feel that he is protecting you and this will attract you. When a woman has this instinct, she will be the hero because she is rescuing her soulmate. Both men and women need to feel like a hero.

One truth is that soulmate relationships will sometimes trigger things in a man, and it can cause women to make him act like a hero. This is more than just carrying bags and it means that they want to protect her emotions, her feelings and be attentive to her.


Having a soulmate relationship means that you are wanting the same things in life. You will not have the same feelings on everything, but your life will likely be similar to each other. You might have the same goals, and this will help you have respect for one another. You will learn to support each other and make a strong connection.


Since you will have differences, you will complement each other in the relationship. You will love their family and friends and you will not want to change who they are, even with their flaws. Both of you have things that are not perfect, and you will get to know this about each other and not accuse or fight over it.


When you are with your soulmate, chances are that you will feel like they are telepathic. You will connect and know what they are thinking before they even say it. When they talk, chances are you will have inside jokes and you will know what the other is thinking before they even speak, and even when they do, you will finish their sentences.


You will know what your soulmate is feeling, and you will care about that. You will want to protect them and watch out for them. You will have empathy for them in their hurts and you will always be compassionate with them.

Gut Feeling

You know that this person is the right person for you, and you know they are enough. No matter what you are both doing, you will know that you are meant to be together, just because you have a real feeling.

Listen to your intuition and find your soulmate.


Chances are if you are not with your soulmate, you will find that you are going to the same places and you are often times bumping into each other.


Even if you are with them or not, you will see that you are meant to be together at this perfect time. The universe will align for you to find your gift in your soulmate.

Feels Right

You never ask about how good or bad things are, and you know you have found the right soulmate that you are meant to be with.

They Get You

No matter how you feel, you know that this person values you and will support you no matter what.


A great thing with soulmate relationships is that you will feel like you have known this person for your whole life. You will feel like you have known everything about each other, and this could be because you were with them in their past life.


When you have a soulmate that is essential to you, chances are you will fall in love. You will not doubt your soulmate and you will feel that they are useful, and you need them. You will desire to be with them in a deeper way and you will feel that they are perfect for you.

Men have a drive to feel needed and the woman is there to help care for him and love him. Men are not hard to understand, sometimes they are just not easy to get. When you are with your soulmate and your male partner does not want to commit, it can be because he has a hard time letting go and feeling essential to you.

Show him that he has a purpose and give him strength in the relationship. Let him know that you need him and learn to make him love you. Respect him and let him be satisfied and your relationship will never sour.


You will not be able to see yourself without the other. You get them more than other people and you are able to make it through hard times with each other.


Everyone has something wrong with them and no one is perfect. You accept your soulmate no matter what kind of flaws they have. Maybe you even see their flaws as unique.


No matter what goals you have, your soulmate will cheer you on. Not everyone wants to marry a doctor and there are many gifts that are attractive to other people.


Your soulmate will understand you no matter what stage you are going through in your life. They do not care about what you are going through, they just want to support you.

They will not try to take away your joy when you are doing something good, and they will cheer you on when you accomplish something. No matter how far you are from your soulmate, they will be there to raise you up.

Whole Person

You will know that you met the right person when you love them for who they are, and you do not try to change them, and they don’t want to change you. Loving someone means that you are happy with them no matter what is wrong with them.

Tough Conversations

When things get hard, you do not have to worry about your relationship ending. If you are comfortable with each other, you will trust each other.


No matter what kind of topic you are talking about, if you believe in something, your soulmate will be intense with you. This can be hard for some people but when you are with your soulmate, you will not be upset with them because you understand each other.

Alone Time

You allow your soulmate to have their alone time because everyone deserves that.

Don’t Care

You never get jealous of your soulmate because you know you are meant to be together no matter what.


You can tell your soulmate that something they are wearing is ugly and they will not get mad.


No matter what, you and your soulmate are comfortable with each other. You have each other’s backs, and you will protect each other. Sometimes you feel like you and your soulmate are against everyone else.


You will never make your soulmate feel bad or that they are not good enough. You will never make the relationship hard.

Finding Happiness

You do not need anyone to make you feel happy except your soulmate.


Your soulmate will make you feel safe no matter what. They will call you or be with you whenever you need. them.

Remembering a Before Them

When you have your soulmate, you will not remember a before them. You will feel like you have always been together and even though you might have only been together for a little time, you will feel like there was never a time apart.

Listening to Each Other

You will know you found the perfect person for you when they will listen to you, and you listen to them. No matter what you are talking about, your soulmate will be there to listen.

Think About Them

You will think about your soulmate, and they will always be special to you. They will want to be with you and will not be upset with you when you are together.

Apology Always

Pride will not get in the way of a soulmate relationship. When you need to say sorry, you will.

Do it Again

You would start over and do it all over again with your soulmate if you had the choice.

Meant to Be Together

You will never doubt that you and your soulmate are meant to be together.


Your soulmate will take away your stress and will support you in everything you need. You will know you met your soulmate for this reason.

Soulmate and Life Partner

When you want to know if you have met your soulmate, you have to understand the relationship. A soulmate will often not stick around forever because once they help you to learn your life lesson, they sometimes leave.

Some soulmates come into your life so that you can learn a lesson and be challenged, and they help you to move forward. Your soulmate is not supposed to be there for your whole life, but they are there for a purpose.

A relationship with your soulmate can be hard and intense and even though this is a good feeling, the truth is the relationship can leave you feeling drawn to them and when the universe is ready for them to move forward, they will. They are not meant to be there forever.

A soulmate does not have to be a romantic partner for you, they can be family members or friends. Sometimes they are teachers or counselors that you meet. When you find your soulmate, do not expect them to be romantic because it might not be what the universe wants.

If you are waiting for your soulmate to get you and sweep you off your feet, you might just need to find a friend to connect with.

Finding Your Soulmate

If you are looking for your soulmate, you will see signs that the universe is ready to send them to you. It is not about finding someone to make you better, you have to be someone that is whole before you meet them.

People that know who they are will know their own habits and will know what they want in love. If they are already feeling that they are loved by themselves, they can go out and find love.

Know Yourself

One of the best things you can do if you want to find your soulmate is to figure out who you are. Do not let other people tell you who you are, or you will be disappointed in your life.

People do not want to be in a relationship where they have to be the only one responsible. Take time to figure out who you are and then offer yourself for someone.


Look for love but first figure out your habits. Everyone has flaws and someone will know you do as well. Understand things about yourself that limit you and learn to be yourself no matter what.

Like Whom You Are

We are the only ones that are our worse enemies because we say mean things to ourselves. We act like we are not good enough.

When you want to find love, you have to love who you are first. If you don’t love or like yourself, you cannot find someone to fill that in for you. When this happens, you never believe that someone can love you. You have to know how to love who you are and then you can let other people love you.

Living Now

One of the hardest things about being single is that you do not want to be alone. When you are ready to find someone to be with, you have to realize that you can entertain yourself better than other people. You have to learn to be able to be comfortable and know that no one can fill this void except you.

People who have found soulmates will spend a lot of time alone and they have to spend time loving themselves before things get too seriously. When they find what they like about themselves, they realize they are fun and that they are worth it. They realize life is great and worth living.

When you find that you are alone, it is okay. You can know what you like and have fun without being in a relationship. Figure out what you want in life before you move forward, and someone will come along and fall in love with you.