Marriage Requires Faith

Marriage Requires Faith

There are many single people who are vehemently against marriage. They do want to have happy and fulfilled relationships but do not want to commit out of fear that their relationship won’t work out.  Statistics prove that this is a reasonable assumption.

It does take a large leap of faith to commit yourself to marriage.  You must have a great deal of self-confidence as well as trust in your partner

How to Build Faith

A woman whose marriage had dissolved wanted to marry again, but she was reluctant to follow her heart out of fear that it wouldn’t work out.   Her partner was emotionally available and wasn’t really interested in marriage.   By staying in a relationship with him, she was settling for less than her heart’s desire.  This woman didn’t discard her want for marriage, but she did do some ground work on what it takes to make a solid, fulfilling marriage.

Having a Fulfilled Marriage

She started listening to experts on relationships and learned that couples should stay committed to courting each other by going on dates and even little getaways. She learned how to talk to a partner constructively and positively and how to resolve conflicts as they arise.

Listening to Marital Advice

She made friends with people who are in successful marriages and heeded their advice about successful partnerships.  She learned to pursue her interests and do things that she enjoyed. She learned that she could make platonic friendships with men who had similar view points as she and that she didn’t have to settle for less than what she wanted.

Understanding Your Dating Pattern

Once she recognized that she was in a pattern of pursuing unavailable men, she sought help from a therapist who helped her see that she was pushing away potential husbands out of fear of failure.  After she recognized this, she was still unsure, so she set out to seek spiritual advice.  She learned that there was no such thing as 100% success when it comes to marriage. She learned that she could possibly achieve 97% and to work on that goal.

She built a foundation for a good, solid marriage by changing her perception, knowing herself and not expecting complete success.  This helped her gain faith in herself and in marriage.

Getting Married

When you want to get married, you have to understand that relationships are a lot of work. It takes time, communication, and willpower to be in good relationships. Good relationships always take some kind of work and if you are willing to work hard and to open up your heart, you can find someone that will make a good marriage partner.

Even though marriages do not always work out, do your best to be in relationships that are full of faith and love and you will eventually find the perfect partner for yourself.

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