How to Manipulate a Man to Love You FOREVER

You have probably heard the old cliche about nothing lasting forever.  But what if you had a way to make your man fall for you over and over and over?

It’s not a secret that guys don’t like a routine or a set pattern.  The do enjoy  having someone who keeps them guessing and makes them work for their attention. They love a bit of a challenge. Here are a few ways to leave a lasting and vivid impression.

  • After a brief tryst, don’t overburden him with information and get him out the door as soon as possible.
  • Don’t let him know that you would like a relationship. Instead steer him in the opposite direction.
  • Once you have dismissed him, begin to reveal a little about yourself. Chances are he will start trying to draw you in.
  • Pull away when you see him start to pursue you, but just a little. Some guys relish the thrill of the case. Pulling back will definitely get their interest.
  • Be strange. A wild card is intriguing, and people will wonder what you will do next.
  • Pick a unique location for your date. Choose something that he will find exciting or just a little scary.  The fear response is very close to love
  • Keep him guessing about your feelings. Let him know in subtle ways that you are being pursued by others.
  • Hold back if he suddenly cancels plans. If he acts like he doesn’t care, show him that you don’t either.
  • Don’t be afraid to let him see he you check out other men. Do this carefully and not at all once you are in a relationship. A little bit of jealousy and playing hard to get will go a long way.

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