Manifest Love Through a Vision Board

Manifest Love Through a Vision Board

In this time of year, everyone’s got love on the brain—even if they don’t mean to because it’s a love month, right? You can’t walk into your local drug store without seeing the displays of heart-shaped candies and red-and-pink gifts. No matter your feelings about Valentine’s Day, however, this season of love can be a great time to focus on your romance-related goals and start visualizing the relationship you really want.

Design Your Love Life

Whether you’re single and looking for the perfect partner, or attached and hoping to rekindle the magic, making a love vision board is a helpful way to manifest whatever you want in the love department.

Here’s how to create one that’s tailored to your goals:

  1. Choose the Right Location
    Before you can make a love vision board, you should decide where yours will live in your home. Depending on how private you’d like it to be, your board could be a page in your journal, a large display in your living room or even a whole wall in your bedroom. Think about where it will best serve you. Would you like to revisit it each night as you write down your thoughts on the day? Or would you like to see it every time you walk through your home to remind yourself of your romantic dreams?
  2. Meditate on Your Desires
    The next step is to think about the goals you want to manifest. To do that, take five or 10 minutes to sit with yourself without distractions. Simply close your eyes and sit on the floor. Or write down your thoughts as a stream of consciousness—whatever serves you best. Also envision the type of relationship you want and the qualities you’d like your ideal partner to have. If you’re already attached, ruminate on the best aspects of your partnership and how you’d like to grow together in the future.
  3. Gather Imagery
    Now for the crafty part! Using old magazines, cards, letters, or any other material you’d like, start choosing photos, phrases and symbols that represent your vision of love. You certainly don’t have to be a Martha Stewart-type to create something awesome—you just have to stay true to what you want to manifest. It doesn’t matter so much what your vision board looks like. What matters is what your board represents and that it also reflects what your heart desires.
  4. Set Time Aside for Creation
    When you’re ready to put the images on the board, make sure you’re in a good space for doing so. Put on music that matches the mood of your board. Maybe also light a candle and give yourself time to freely create. This project isn’t one that you should relegate to doing while you’re watching trashy TV or if you only have 10 minutes to spare. You want to give it the time and attention it deserves. Make love a priority and you’ll soon reap the benefits.
  5. Check in With Your Board Daily
    Revisit your vision board in order to stay on track with your love goals. Take a moment each day to look at the words and pictures you’ve collected and keep your wants and needs for romance in the forefront of your mind. As you continue to think about your vision for the future, you’ll be able to effectively will it to happen in your life. The power of manifestation is very real, and very potent, especially when it comes to love.