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Making Your Relationship Last A Long Time

         Have you ever felt as though your relationship is slowly simmering down and possibly drifting apart? Well… maybe it’s time to give it the right action to become a stronger, happier and healthier one. All relationships have their ups and downs and many couples go through turmoil at one point or another, whether it is directly about their relationship, or an outside factor. If you want to make your relationship last there are some sure fire ways you can build a stronger relationship that will last for years to come.

Communication is Key

A large portion of couples forget that they need to communicate to make it through obstacles and daily events. If you don’t communicate with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, your relationship is guaranteed to eventually die out. A healthy relationship cannot blossom or form bonds without healthy communication. Make time to sit down and share your thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams.

Make Time for Each Other

So many couples get all caught up with the day to day hustle and bustle of life that they forget each other’s needs. They forget to talk, touch and share experiences. A strong and healthy relationship can last if there is time put aside for one another. Even if you work endless hours, there’s always a way you can find time. Meet for a lunch break during the day, take a half hour break to sit in the grass and talk, or just go for a stroll alone after dinner with the kids. There’s always time to be made.

Put in Your Best Efforts

A relationship can last if both parties put in the work and make sure they never stop putting in effort. If you truly want someone in your life you will do everything you can to keep them there. This, just like anything else you want in life, requires constant effort. Compliment your loved one and express your feelings when you feel them. Do something romantic every day of the week, or just show you care in some way or another. Little things like post-it ‘I love you’ notes on the bathroom mirror, a favorite home cooked meal or a gentle loving touch can do wonders.

Reach Out and Touch Your Loved One

It is very important for couples to constantly show love. Look at any long lasting couple and you will see little gestures and caresses of love on a constant basis. Couples that have these solid efforts in place generally feel stronger and that they can make it through anything together. When you walk by your loved one touch their hand or back, give them a hug or cuddle before you go to bed at night or kiss them goodbye. These physical expressions from the heart offer couples the strength and security at all times, giving the relationship a chance to continuously blossom.

Talk it Out, Don’t Stay Angry

As they say, ‘never go to bed angry’. It does hold some truth to it. Sure, it’s ok to cool off and take some time out, but it is not ok to storm off and never return. Even if it’s a really bad argument, you can still mention to your loved one that you will return but will need time alone. When you do cool down, talk it out in a mature manner. Don’t get caught up in drama and yelling as it doesn’t do anything for either of you except cause more pain. Get everything off your chest and don’t stuff it down. You both will feel better for it.

All of these tools and tips above are helpful and can give your relationship more minutes, hours, days and years on the clock. The most important tool is communication because couples that constantly talk to each other and keep each other in the loop are stronger as a team. They know where they were in the past, they know where they are now in the relationship and they know where they are headed for the future. They are a team.

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