Loving an Energy Vampire

Loving an Energy Vampire Without Stress

Sometimes when we love someone, they can drain us of all of our energies.  Not all people we are with will do this but sometimes, in some relationships, we find that some people will use up all of our energies.  Maybe at the end of the day, they come home in a terrible mood, or they might want to argue or say hurtful things.

When you date an energy vampire, you need to know how to handle things to keep the relationship alive.  When a person makes you feel this way, chances are they are an energy vampire and there are different kinds of energy vampires. You need to know how to address the situation so that it does not keep you drained and aggravated.


Do you think you are in love with an energy vampire?  You can know if you are always tired when you are around them and sometimes, they will make you feel like you need a nap after just talking to them.  When things come up, you might always feel drained and like you can’t deal with their behaviors.

Being Drained

There are signs that your partner is always keeping your emotions drained and some of these include that you are ready for a nap and have heavy eyes, that you never feel that they appreciate you, they don’t listen when you are talking, you feel like you cannot be open with them and you want to eat and stuff yourself so you can get rid of some of those emotions.

Nagger Energy Vampire

A nagger energy vampire is someone that asks you to do things for them over and over again.  When you don’t do it, they will ask you a thousand times just to get on your nerves.  They will always have silly demands and will scold you if you don’t meet their needs.

When you are dealing with a nagger vampire, you have to learn to set limits and to be kind but firm.  Do not let them nag you or force you to do things for them.  They have to be trained to do things for themselves and that can change this disruptive behavior.

Victim Energy Vampire

The victim energy vampire will always feel sorry for themselves.  They will always have a reason why they are not happy, and it will normally be someone else’s fault.  You find that you don’t even want to talk to them because the conversations are always the same and negative.  You feel overwhelmed around them.

You need to learn to sympathize but not stay in the moment.  Give them a moment to feel sorry for themselves but then you need to make them find a solution to their problems.  This allows you to love them but not to always have to be overwhelmed with them.

Criticizer Energy Vampire

The Criticizer vampire is one that always makes you feel bad for anything you do.  They always see something wrong and can spot a flaw in you and others, a mile away.  They will always critique you and make you feel bad.

Always stay calm and learn to address the way that they are talking to you.  Tell them how they criticize you and that they need to help more with the situations instead of talking about them.  Get rid of the negativity by being positive and loving.

Self-Centered Energy Vampire

The Self-Centered vampire will never listen to your needs, and everything is always about them.  Even when you are talking about yourself, the self-centered vampire will make sure the conversation turns to them.  They will be obsessed with themselves and will never make things about you.

Everyone goes through points where they are self-centered, but this has to just be a phase and has to go away.  Point out to your partner that they are being obsessive and let them learn to care about others, including you.  Most people don’t realize they are all about themselves until someone tells them

Overwhelming Energy Vampires

Sometimes people that are closest to you can be overwhelming vampires.  These are people that come home and tell you all about their day and their problems, most of which are negative.  They want you to be attentive and to care but they don’t take into account that you had a long day as well.

When you deal with an overwhelming vampire, you need some me time.  Take small breaks from them and go listen to music or take a hot bath.  Communicate with them after you get done and show them that you love them but that you need space, as well.


When you are in relationships, you need to make sure that you show care and that your partner cares for you.  Take time to interact but protect yourself from being overwhelmed.  Don’t feel bad if you need time for yourself or if you need to take a break.  Loving your own energy can keep you healthy and strong.

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