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When Your Lover Cannot Move On From An Ex Partner

       There is a rule about “Out of sight, out of mind” that applies when it comes to getting over an ex. However, if your partner still has their ex on their mind, that’s a major red flag. Maybe their ex wants to be wanted—even just a little bit. Or maybe their ex wants to cause drama in your relationship. But what if your partner is the one leaving the door open?

If your partner can’t let go of their ex, there are a few things you need to consider if the relationship is worth saving. Maybe it’s time to cut ties and leave your partner yearning for their ex all by themselves.

The Six-Month Rule

Love is an addiction, and an ex can become as addictive as binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix. However, the brain can only be to blame for so long. In fact, after about three-to-six months of being away from an ex-partner, the brain should be broken of its addiction. However, that is not the case if your partner is continuing to feed it with constant communication. So, if you are in a relationship with someone who is fresh from a breakup, you need to think twice. Sure, some of their feelings may be superficial and nothing to worry about, but only time will tell. Your best solution is to take it slow and give them plenty of space.

Pity Versus Yearning

Does your partner just feel bad for their ex, or are they possibly yearning for a second chance? The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself just how present your partner is within your current relationship? You should take precedence when it comes to their time and thoughts, and if you don’t, there’s a good chance your partner can’t let go of their ex. You may never be the most important person in their life.

Too Good to Be True

One of the quickest ways to ease the pain of a broken relationship is to find a stand-in. This happens when one partner collects all the love, dreams, and hopes they had from their last relationship and throws them all at a new partner’s feet. It may feel a bit exciting and overwhelming at first, but unfortunately, this love story is not yours to keep. In fact, you are likely only borrowing it for a bit until your partner realizes you are not the same person who began this story. Many “hot” relationships burn out as quickly as they began, so be wary of any budding relationship that seems just too good to be true. You may just be a stand-in for their ex.

Opening the Curtain

Sometimes one partner may not realize what they are doing. They may not see how their ex is manipulating them, or in some cases, they may be in denial of how in love they still are with their ex. Regardless of what’s going on, you need to talk with them about what you see going on. Be understanding and sympathetic of their point of view, but remember your purpose here is to let them know that you are not okay with the situation as it stands and the fact that they can’t let go of their ex.

It’s Them, Not You

Whenever a relationship is not as you’d like, you probably tend to focus on what you must be doing, or could do differently to make your partner want you more. However, the reality here is that your partner’s relationship with their ex has nothing to do with what you are doing, and everything to do with the feelings they (may) still have. If your partner can’t let go of their ex, it’s certainly not your fault.

Maybe You’re Not Their True Love

Until we find something better, we miss what we once had. Your partner could be unhappy and pine for their ex because you aren’t their true love. Think about it; you know you aren’t. When you do find true love, the path ahead of you will be quite clear. You’re not their true love, so your path with them is murky and void of focus. The good news is that they’re not your true love either. Otherwise, they would be able to let go of their ex. If your partner can’t let go of their ex, then this is not the relationship you’ve been waiting for.

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