Can Your Partner Move on from Their Ex?

Can Your Partner Move on from Their Ex?

Even though some may say, “Out of sight, out of mind” your partner may instead be a party to “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  This is certainly vexing especially if your partner wants to be wanted by their ex.   Is your partner inviting his past relationship into your romance.  If they can’t seem to let go, think about these few things to see if your relationship is worth nurturing.

A few months out.

Love can be addictive, kind of like enjoying potato chips straight out of the bag.  But at a certain point, your brain gets the signal that you are full.  So it is with love; as good as it feels, your brain can only shoulder the blame for so long.  If your beloved has been out of his last relationship for at least three months, the addiction part should be over.   This is a warning sign. Do not engage with someone who is freshly out of a relationship.  Don’t rush your potential partner. If you truly think there is something there, you can wait for your romance to bloom.

Pity Versus Yearning

Think for a minute about your partners motivations.  Does you lover feel bad about his ex, or is he hoping for another go at romance.  If you think this is a possibility, ask yourself about your own relationship. Are both of you equally invested? Does you partner worry about you as much as he does his ex. If you have any, Does your partner just feel bad for their ex, or are they possibly yearning for a second chance? The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself just how present your partner is within your current relationship. If you don’t think you come first with them, its possible that you should step away.

Is it too good to be true?


If your partner moves into your relationship too quickly; they immediately inundate you with love, gifts and romance, and the heat is immediate and constant, chances are they are using you as a replacement for their lost love. As exciting as the flood of romantic gestures can be, the heat may be too hot to last.

Facing the truth

Your partner may not see what is happening. They may not know or think tat their ex is trying to control them. It is also possible that they are denying their own feelings.  No matter what the motivation, if you are uncomfortable with it, talk to them.  Listen to their point of view, but make sure that they know how you feel.

It’s not you, it’s them.

First of all, if things aren’t going the way you want them to, look at what you are doing and what you are investing in the relationship.   It is human nature to blame ourselves. But, if you partner, can’t let go of their ex, you are not to blame.

It might not be true love.

If your partner is pining and missing their ex to the point that it as effecting your happiness, your love may not be in the cards.   Ask yourself and trust your instincts.  Is this relationship fulfilling you?  You deserve a full and happy love.

If you have further questions about your current or future romance, consult a love psychic.