Letting Go of Your Ex…


It’s  happened.  You’ve met a guy. He might just be the one to get you to stop thinking about your ex.  You have had plenty of time to get over the break up and you feel that you are ready to move on.  Can you move on if you still maintain contact with your ex and maybe even harbor some thoughts of getting back together?

You can’t change what you feel and it’s impossible to disconnect from what your heart wants, especially if you had a special connection with this person. This might keep you from moving on if you hope they can come back into your world.

Karma and Growth

Why do we keep behaving the same way? Why do we keep returning to the same place? What does this keep happening? This happens because of karma. Karma as the manifestation of lack of growth.


We are on this plane of existence to move past our limitations. It is the goal of our lives to evolve into who we are meant to be as spirits of the highest nature. We can see our lives as both a challenge and an opportunity.  All of our experiences are a gift,  a gift to grow through our relationships.

When we met someone to whom we feel connected, that is a karmic mate.  A good relationship will allow both of you to grow together.

It is when growth doesn’t happen that the relationship becomes toxic.  This toxicity  leads us to leave the relationship.

Moving On


If you leave your relationship with hard feelings of anger and resentment, you leave with bad karma because you haven’t grown. If you don’t get control of your negative feelings, you will set yourself up for a similar relationship. If you don’t learn your lesson the first time, you will repeat it.

You can move past this.

Meditate on this mantra:

Bless them for what they brought me.

Bless them for what they taught me.

Once you make peace with this, you can let go of your ex without pain.  Once this has happened, you have released this lesson and your karma will change.  You will be able to move on. Asking yourself what you need to learn from the relationship can help you move on. Once you have acknowledged your growth, you can, indeed, move on.

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