Learning to Surrender to Your Spiritual Life

Learning to Surrender

Going to a psychic or a medium can change your life. You can get a reading or even do a reading for yourself. When you are doing these readings or getting a reading done on yourself, you need to make sure that you are receiving the message that is meant for you.

You have to release yourself to the universe. If you want to find the answers you are looking for, you have to learn to be open minded and to connect with the universe with your mind, body, and soul.

Some people will do the opposite of this, and they will choose to connect with people instead of the spirit world. They will ask their family and friends for advice when they are struggling.

Finding the Right Answers

They will not be successful most of the time because they will not get the answers they are looking for from their loved ones. These people might also feel that their readings are unsuccessful because they are not hearing things they want to hear. They might ask things such as:

  • Was my mother disappointed that I wasn’t there when she died?
  • Could I have stopped my wife from killing herself?
  • Does my father agree with my choice of a boyfriend?
  • Did I pick the right career for me?
  • Will I find happiness?
  • Can I be financially secure?

The more questions that you ask the less likely you will get the answers that you want in your reading. You will find that even if the answers are what you want that you will trust them very little because they will leave you guessing if they are being truthful or not.

These readings will make you wonder where the answers came from and if they were from the spirit world or from their own thoughts.

Do not push your thoughts and your feelings at your reading. Allow your psychic to tell you what he or she is thinking. Allow it to be an opportunity that you can experience the spirit world without questions and without expecting anything. Let the answers come as they may.

You might find this hard to understand because we all want to be in control. Giving in is hard for some people and it takes time. Here are some things you can do so that you can have an open mind and make way on your journey:

Love and Spirit Guides

Close your eyes and meditate. Imagine the space around you being only for you. Think of who you are and surround yourself with light. Take deep breathes and imagine the light healing you. When you let the light out, let the healing light stay in. Release anything negative that is holding you back.

Use your mind to cover yourself in golden light. Use your mind to picture trees and flowers around you. When you spend time with your mind, look at the light that is coming close to you and this will be your guide. Sometimes, people will recognize their guides while other times they will not.

Your guide will take you someplace that you created in your soul. This place will be beautiful to you because it is yours. Invite them to come in and sit with you.

You might be surprised at who shows up when you invite them, but this is a time to connect with their soul. Ask them about their mission in life and what they have been doing. Do not talk about who you are but just learn all that you can learn about them. This will be a journey that you surrender and learn.