Knowing the Four Types of Love

Four Types of Love

Sometimes we let our emotions play a role in our life that stop us from really living. Emotions can cause us to not compromise and to not leave a place open for love. You might wonder why someone has come into your life and you aren’t really sure that you understand.

There are four different kinds of love that you might see in your life and each of these loves are different. You will see these loves throughout your life and throughout your heart.


This is a relationship that changes and makes life easier. When you are going through something hard, you need to have this kind of love so that you can learn a lesson and learn what love is. A transient relationship can help someone to cope with a loss or with a bad relationship from the past.

This kind of relationship is meant to be desirous and there should be excitement. When you are in this kind of relationship you will have a strong attraction to them. You will have love within all of your senses and you will end up attached to your partner. This will not be a relationship full of sacrifices and once you get to a certain spot, the relationship might end.

This kind of relationship is there just for a short while and it is there to teach you things and to help you to change. You will see that this brings about emotional changes and that you will learn a lot of things. You will be disappointed a lot in this relationship and most of the time things will be overthought.

Compromised Relationship

A relationship that is compromised is one of the most common kinds that you will see. You will see that your relationship is comfortable and that you will stay with this person for a while because you don’t want to face hard things. The relationship won’t be exciting but both of you will settle in it even if you don’t really feel loved. These relationships keep you stuck because you don’t want to leave your comfort zone. You will be happy with your partner or you will just be comfortable with them.

In this kind of relationship you will probably get bored. You will not have the excitement in the romance like you want and sometimes it will end in a divorce. The relationship will always be full of compromise and you will need to use your intuition to tell you what to do next.

Even though this relationship won’t be as fulfilling, it will be one that brings you together and helps you to raise a family together. You will stay together, or you will separate but you will not want to let go of each other.

Finding this kind of relationship can be a decision that you make on your own. If you are okay with this kind of relationship then you can stay in it or you can move on to something better for you.

Karmic Relationship

A karmic relationship is part of the universal law. Even though people don’t know much about karmic relationships, these come about based on your thoughts and your actions. These kinds of relationships are patterns and cycles that you will repeat over and over again, maybe with different partners but the situation will be the same.

Karmic relationships are usually very intense and hurtful. They are relationships that start out great but then the problems start. Your partner will be someone that you feel attracted to right from the beginning and you will have a desire for them. The relationship will guarantee that you learn a lesson in your life.

After you finish your karma, the relationship will end because you will have learned your lesson. You will see that the karmic relationship will allow your soul to move forward even though it will be painful. Karma will be hard and the soul will attract to the other person because it will take you time to go through the relationship and then to learn from the lessons that you have to learn to move forward.

Karmic relationships are very intense, and they can be very emotional and hard for everyone involved.

Soulmate Love

Having a soulmate means that you are in a relationship with someone that you have a deep bond with. This can happen multiple times in your life. This will create a connection that doesn’t seem possible. Soulmates will understand each other, and they will be best of friends.

Once you have found your soulmate, the relationship will seem perfect. It will seem like you are always home with them. You will look forward to seeing them each day and you will be able to communicate with them telepathically.

You will be playing and spending time together and you will make each other happy. Both of you will want to support each other’s goals and you will help to solve issues that your partner has. The soulmate connection will seem like a connection that is out of this world.

Once you find your soulmate, you will find that it is unconditional love. You will feel that this love is something that brings your other half to you. You will be able to do great things together and you will have someone beside you.

It can be hard to know if you have met your soulmate but you need to trust your intuition and let it guide you. Love is there to give, and love is there to have.