Knowing a Karmic Relationship

Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationships are relationships that are full of energy and sometimes pain. They are karmic because they are relationships that come to you so that you can learn to grow and change. The relationships test who you are, and they help you to understand love more than you have ever understood it before. These kinds of relationships come with those that have unresolved issues in their past life and they need to learn a lesson so that they can move forward.

Karmic relationships consume people, and they are a strong connection. You can know a karmic relationship because of the ups and downs of the relationship. Sometimes people think that these kinds of relationships means that they found their soulmate, but the truth is that these relationships are not like a soulmate because they are only meant to last a short time.

Relationships like this start fast and end fast. They can feel exciting at first and then they end up being unhealthy and end almost as fast as they start. Karmic relationships will fail, and they often come with patterns. Sometimes people overlook the flaws and the red flags in these relationships, and they wonder why they never work out.

Being in a karmic relationship can be very tiring and it can be emotionally painful. These relationships need to be recognized so that you can know if you need to change something to have healthy relationships. Here are signs of a karmic relationship:

Strong Connection

One of the biggest signs of a karmic relationship is the strong connection. You will meet this person and feel like you have loved them forever. It will be a description of love at first sight, and you will be drawn to them like none other. The karmic energy will be so strong that you will have a bond that seems unbreakable.


Even though the connection will be strong, there will be lots of drama even from the beginning. The emotions will be so strong that the drama will last. This will cause there to be a breakup and make up cycle that is almost impossible to avoid. If you and your partner are always full of drama and cannot seem to have a peaceful relationship, you are probably in a karmic relationship.

Feelings of Addiction

Since the connection is so strong, you will feel addicted to this person. You will be drawn to them to the point where it is even unhealthy.

Ups and Downs

The drama in the relationship will cause you to have ups and downs. Some days the relationship will seem perfect and exciting while other days it will seem like you are always fighting and not getting along.

The point of this relationship is to teach you to grow and to become a better person. Even if you are going through ups and downs, learn from them.

Feeling Codependent

Karmic relationships have a lot of energy behind them, and they have such a strong pull that you might even feel codependent on that person. Even if you aren’t getting along with them, you might want to spend all of your time with them and feel that you need them to the point where you are exhausted.

Being codependent is unhealthy and leads to bad relationship situations. You have to learn to communicate and be open to talking and understanding the situation.

They Bring the Worst Out of you

These relationships are not healthy, and they often cause you to act out and to be someone that you aren’t used to being. This can be jealousy problems or feelings that are toxic.

Never Finding Home

Since this relationship isn’t meant to last, you will never feel that you have found home in your partner. You will have ups and downs and you will be comfortable with each other, but you will never feel safe enough to let your guard down.

Afraid of Endings

Most people in these kinds of relationships are afraid of how they will end. Most of the time they end in hurt feelings and bad emotions. The relationship will probably end, and you know this, so you are just waiting for the day that it does.


Karmic relationships are full of patterns. When you see that you are following these patterns with other relationships then you are likely not learning your lesson. Being in this kind of relationship can lead to many fights and many cycles of anger and sadness.

Feeling Tired

This kind of relationship will leave you feeling tired and exhausted. You will never feel peace in your mental state, or your emotions and you will always be facing drama that the relationship brings. You will feel that you cannot deal with this anymore and this is a big sign of being in a karmic relationship.

Comes to an End

Karmic relationships come to an end, and they aren’t meant to last. The drama that you will face will make it hard to keep the relationship going. You will try hard and after the relationship ends and starts back a few times, you will get tired of it. These kinds of relationships are supposed to come to an end because they are just a lesson to be learned.

Final Thoughts

If you find that any of these things sound familiar to you then chances are that you are in a karmic relationship. You can leave this relationship and learn from it so that you can grow and move froward.

Leaving these relationships will show that you are ready for something real and serious and that you can have joy and peace in your life. You need to identify your relationship for what it is and find out just what you need to do to move forward.

Look at your life from a different perspective and do some soul searching to see what you need to see. Be open to what the universe is trying to show you so that you can heal and move beyond your past life.