Karmic Lessons with Your Twin Flame

Karmic Lessons From twin Flames

Most twin flames have shared numerous past lives and, in these past, lives many karmic lessons have been created. These karmic lessons compile if they are left unresolved and leave you suffering immensely. This means it is important to understand a few things as part of a twin flame relationship. These are shared here:

  • A twin flame is not the cause of your suffering
  • You are not more spiritually evolved than your twin flame
  • No lesson needs to be learned by your twin flame in order to reunite
  • It is your job to end the hurt cycle that has followed you through countless lives
  • To heal the energetical distance, resolve karmic lessons with your twin flame

Each of these points will be discussed in greater detail below so you can understand how to start the work and complete the karmic lessons.

Not the Cause of Your Suffering

This one is pretty easy to grasp because your twin flame is not the cause of your suffering. This is often easy to understand, but hard to implement in our thinking patterns. It hurts when the one you hoped to spend your life with suddenly leaves, causing suffering, but this is the human experience.

This is not something to run from or try to avoid. When you place the blame of your suffering on your twin flame, you are not owning your suffering or allowing yourself to process it. This keeps it alive and thriving. If you want to move on, you need to understand it is your perception that is causing the suffering, not the actual departure of your twin flame. This does not mean you should blame yourself, but just let the suffering be and get through it.

Spiritual Evolvement

A common issue when a twin flame leaves is others saying they did not realize it was a twin flame relationship or simply ran away because they knew it was one. The underlying message is that the twin flame that left is less spiritually evolved. The truth is a twin flame leaving a relationship has nothing to do with spirituality.

Spirituality is simple and it is only one thing, realizing you are only spirit. You must also realize that everyone else is spirit as well. This is spirituality. Believing that a relationship, even a twin flame, has anything to do with spirituality is incorrect. It may sound romantic to spiritually evolve together, learning karmic lessons, but it does not work in this manner. If you want to evolve spiritually, recognize the spirit in everything.

Learning Lessons

Many also believe that for twin flames to reunite, you both need to learn certain lessons. There is some truth in this, but experts will say the one who left needs the lessons, making them the culprit. In reality, you both have a life set in stone that has been played numerous times before. Depending on your choices, you will experience different outcomes.

In the end, a twin flame reunion will depend on the decisions of both you and your twin flame. Learn as many lessons as you choose to grow in your spirituality, but if both of you do not make this decision then you will not reunite in the physical realm. Learning about forgiveness and true spirituality will bring you peace and fill you with love, replacing the pain left by your twin flame’s departure.

Take responsibility for your happiness and end the codependency of the twin flame relationship. This will build a foundation for future relationships or reunions, but this does not guarantee that your twin flame will return.

Karmic Lessons from Past Lives

If you have a true twin flame relationship, then this is probably one of many shared lives. In each life you had different types of relationships and built-up karmic lessons. Through each of these lives you have done things to one another, and you have most likely not come to a point that you were able to forgive.

Resolving Karmic Lessons

Now that you understand what true spirituality is, you can see that all the pain and suffering was self-created. By practicing true spirituality and true forgiveness, then you can slowly resolve all the karmic lessons with your twin flame. This allows you to create inner peace and a foundation for love. This does not guarantee that your twin flame will return, but it will help you find peace. If we resolve the karmic lessons, they are resolved for both flames. Do this for yourself.