Karmic Connections or Real Soulmates?

Real Soulmates

People sometimes believe that having a soulmate means that they will have a relationship that seems perfect. They will believe that this relationship is a happily ever after kind of relationship. Maybe they have a marriage that is amazing or one that is terrible. Sometimes even, there is a relationship where they aren’t sure what is going to happen. The truth is, you can make your marriage good or bad and even if this is a soul connection, this can be something that you make happen.

Sometimes people believe that a soulmate is going to give them the perfect relationship. They will look for people that will complete them and they will believe that when they find them that they will be happy forever.

A soulmate can come to you and have a past life connection with you, but this doesn’t mean that things will always be perfect. There is an idea that things will be like a fantasy and a soulmate connection is more than just two souls coming together and living happily ever after.

A soulmate will have a physical and a past life connection with you and this means that there is a higher purpose and mission to your relationship. It is a powerful relationship that brings about growth and expansion in your life. This often has joy and peace and can be a great relationship. This can be a relationship where the couple is thankful to be together but there will also be personality flaws in this kind of union. When the couple comes together and they realize the real purpose, this can bring even more light into the world.

Karmic Connections

Karmic connections are easy to be seen in couples. These are couples that are often in relationships that bring more pain than happiness. These will be intense relationships that start out great and then they become terrible. Sometimes this leaves one person missing the other one and the energies do not fit together at all. There is no logic in this kind of relationship.

In the beginning, of course, the relationship will be great. You will fall madly in love with this person and then out of nowhere the jealousy comes, the hurt, rage and the power plays. This is a karmic relationship as it grows, and it is meant to teach you a lesson.

This kind of relationship can become an abusive relationship and abusive relationships are part of this category. These relationships are when one person can become co-dependent on the other and where they cannot seem to get away from each other no matter how unhealthy the relationship is.

When a couple is in a karmic relationship, there has to be change in order to have peace. This is part of the personality level, but the change also has to come from the soul. The changes have to be at a deeper soul level, and you have to be able to change your belief, values and your direction.

The karmic relationship shows signs that there are payments that are due to the karmic world and that the payments need to be balanced and released and this can be with breaking up and getting away from each other. When you send your partner away in love, you will find the compassion and the healing can come. This is the stage where the karma is then complete.

Final Thoughts

The person that you are with in your life or someone that you have been with before could be a karmic relationship or even a soulmate. The plan of the universe is one that brings what you need in our life when you need it. If the person you were with is no longer with you, the mission wasn’t for you to be together forever, and your karma has been paid in full.

It is time to move on and to choose to be alone or to work towards finding the relationship that the universe has meant for you to have. Allow yourself to grow and to mature as you move forward on your journey.