Does Your Partner Love Your Pet?

Does Your Partner Love Your Pet?

You’ve finally found the smart handsome guy that you have been looking for. You both have a lot of things in common except, he DOES NOT LIKE PETS. But, before you pre-judge your relationship, you need to know a few things and then you can make your decision whether to end the relationship and find another partner who adores pets or to stick to your new relationship and learn how to adapt to the new situation.

Why doesn’t your partner get along with your pet?

Not everyone loves pets, some are allergic, some have a negative experience with pets from childhood, some are just uncomfortable with them, some are unfamiliar with how to deal with them. They already have their own experience, and your precious pet is not going to change it!

BUT what if you are obsessed with your pet? What if your pet sleeps with you in bed? What if your animal sits with you on the couch? What if you bring them with you in your car? However, are you willing to ruin your relationship for your pet? Of course not, nobody wants even to think about it.

Before you let yourself fall in love, pay attention, this is a very important issue to discuss with your date right from the start, just make it clear to any date or even any potential date, that you are a completely committed pet parent.

You don’t have to stay single just because your partner doesn’t like your pet. And no need to get rid of your pet because there is no chemistry between your new partner and your dog! There are so many great men in the world who are proud and devoted pet owners.

Signs that your pet is ruining your relationship:

  • Your partner refuses to help with the pet.
  • If you argue a lot about your pet’s related issues.
  • Your partner started to ask whether you like your pet more.
  • You cancel on your partner, to spend more time with your pet.
  • Your partner mistreats your pet and shouts a lot at him.

What if you are new to having a pet attached to a relationship, there are some techniques for you and your partner to learn in order to adapt.


Also having a pet involved in your relationship is good to understand and know your partner more, because pets are good excellent judges of character, and if an animal doesn’t like someone, there’s probably a good reason. You can also learn more about someone by how she/he treats animals, so it’s a good chance for you to know more about your date.

It’s easy to give your pet a lot of attention and care if you are single, but if you are in a relationship, you will have to make compromises. You will need to alter things a little bit such as walks, grooming and feeding times.

Also, sleeping with your pet in bed, may be too much for some people. You can buy a comfy pet bed and put it on the floor or even an ottoman, so your pet is still near you.


Your partner may not be a pet person because of allergies. He/she may have a medical condition that prevents them from communicating with a pet. To solve that problem, you simply plan to have your own space away from your pet and consider having an outdoor pet house for your pet.

Being unfamiliar

Your partner is unfamiliar with pets because he didn’t grow up with one. He is not a pet hater, but he hasn’t been taught how to live with a pet in the same place. But as a pet owner, how will you help him adapt with your pet? The answer is very simple: teach him how to deal with them. Help him know how to give them a bath, feed them, walk them, and play with them.


Your new partner may get jealous of your pet. He/she needs to know that they are number one in your world. Help your partner see you have time for everyone in your life before he comes and asks you if you love your pet more!

Adopting a pet

What if both of you like pets? If so, why not think about raising your own pet. Believe it or not, raising a pet together may take your relationship to the next level. However, you need to discuss whether you both are willing to take a pet’s responsibilities together. You need to know who is going to pay for the pet’s food, vet’s bills, and clean after the pet.

You also need to plan ahead and discuss if the pet will stay in an indoor or outdoor house. Also, things like walking the pet and giving him a bath should be addressed.

And the most important thing you need to discuss is if you both have the time for this newcomer or not, and if not, you need to plan ahead to manage your time and share the pet’s responsibilities.

You also should have in detail discussions about why you need a pet at this stage. Is your partner planning to buy a new house with a nice backyard or maybe you are both feeling bored, and you need something new in your life.

To close

Being a pet owner is one of the greatest things that can happen to any of us, but if having a pet will result in ruining your relationships, than you need to make some sacrifices. For example, if you are the one who decided to bring the pet into your relationship, then you need to do a little extra work and spend more time to care for your pet.

It is not necessary that you and your partner agree on everything. You may find that your partner is simply less in love with your pet than you are, and this is acceptable as long as this doesn’t affect your relationship in a negative way.