Is He for You? Signs He Loves You

You know it has only been one or two dates, but you think that you might be falling in love.  You’ve been hurt so many times before, so you want to protect yours by doing things right this time. You won’t be hurt again!  You think that you will wait for him to fall for you first.

What if you can’t help yourself and you find yourself falling for him? How can you protect yourself by knowing if he will ever love you back?

Seven Signs He’s Falling for you:

He wants to be near you.  He can’t get enough of you. He wants to absorb the way you look, smell, and feel.  He will take advantage of every chance to be near you. You will catch him looking at you.

He listens to you. Others have seemed to be listening but were just waiting for their chance to swoop down and pounce on you.   If he is enamored of you, he will actively listen and ask questions. Later he will remember what you talked about and follow up when he sees you again. This shows that what you say is important.

He talks to you. He opens up to you and tells you how he feels about things. He shares stories of his past by adding to the conversation. This means he is willing to trust you

He boasts about you to his friends. He talks about how fantastic he thinks you are. He tells his friends about your beauty and achievements so often that they sigh and smile when he talks about you.

He looks out for you. He makes sure you have the best of everything from the juiciest part of the steak, the best piece of cake and the finest glass of wine. He makes sure you have a safe, comfortable seat. He opens doors for you and walks you home.

He introduces you to his family. He is eager to show you off to immediate members of his family. He wants you to meet everyone in his world.  There will be teasing and laughter that will lead you to the knowledge that they like you and think he has made the right choice.

He tells you he thinks he’s falling in love. He wants you to know how he feels about you, and he doesn’t wait forever to tell you.

Seven Signs He’s just not into you:

  1. He cancels your date to go do something with his friends. If he loved you, he’d find a way to include you, too.
  2. He phones or texts you sporadically. He calls only when he has no other plans. If he loved you, he would make it a point to check in with you every day just to hear your voice.
  3. He prefers to be with his friends. If his friends are the priority at the beginning of a relationship, it’s nothing to worry about. However, if you become more seriously involved and his friends still come first, he is not in love with you.
  4. He doesn’t listen. He becomes impatient when you want to talk about important things. He doesn’t care about the things in your life or even how they affect you.
  5. He talks about himself constantly. He’s brags and boasts and is consumed with his looks. He may even belittle you to make himself feel better. A man who loves you wouldn’t do this.
  6. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family. He never even mentions you to his family. He keeps you and your relationship like a dirty little secret.
  7. He’ll pick a fight for no reason, and he won’t apologize for it. The fight was in no way our fault, but you won’t get an apology. He will act as if nothing ever happened and will even grump at you if you bring it up.

If you are still unsure, here are a few more ways to tell if your relationship has a future:

You have fun together. Yes, you have serious conversations, but you spend time with him because you can also laugh together.  Time spent together seems to fly by too quickly and you are both disappointed when you have to part, and you immediately make plans for the next meeting.

You can forgive Sometimes one of you will say the wrong thing or otherwise upset the other by mistake. If either of you can make a sincere apology and forgiveness, this is a sign of a healthy relationship.

It’s just easy being together. You can enjoy just being together. Even if you aren’t on a date or an adventure you just spend time together and participate in life’s daily routines. The silence is as important as the conversations.

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