Interpreting Mixed Signals of Affection


That natural wish to be loved and be given all the attention and affection by intimate partners is something humans were born with. However, love makes individuals think differently due to its strong and exhausting feelings leading to misinterpretation and discrimination of interests.

Once you’re deeply in love you easily misinterpret things (words and habits) differently than you should. You easily ignore clear signals and end up not noticing them just because you’re in love.

Here are some of the actual meaning of signals you might be misinterpreting:


A lot of individuals think being jealous and owning a person is amazing. You may be convinced that your partner’s emotions towards you are the ones making them get envious easily and even have control over you. But the reality of the matter is that they are really wrestling with their own problems and are now trying to put their insecurities on you. Never misinterpret the difference between care and control.

A frantic Plan

Are their moments when your partner has used their busy schedules as a reason as to why they weren’t able to communicate or meet up with you? This is a very unusual behavior and is a very essential sign that shouldn’t be ignored. We can always make time for anything that we treasure because we all have equal time in a day. Therefore, if your companion is not creating quality time for you the reason is they don’t want to, not that they are busy.

Names of Pets

Words like a baby, honey, and sweetie shouldn’t be taken seriously in a relationship since they are just words although they sound good, and it feels awesome when your partner includes them in your talks. These pet names are usually simple methods of showing affection and therefore are frequently used without hesitation. Hence you should seriously take them into consideration not to misinterpret them. They are signs that you need to be interested in.

The motivation that’s not needed

How nice is it to always depend on your partner for motivation and inspiration? Nevertheless, there’s a difference between guiding someone into achieving their goals and trying to change them. An individual should inspire you into becoming better rather than trying to change you to become someone that you’re not.

When you’re in a new relationship it really becomes hard to interpret mixed signals. Actions speak louder than words, therefore if you care for somebody and want to know if they feel the same then you need to take time and observe attentively.

Your instincts should always offer you guidance. In case you feel like there is no equity in effort from the side of your partner then you’re definitely right. The earlier you realize this the better since you’ll be able to move on to someone you deserve.

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