How Will You Meet Your Soulmate?


Let’s accept the fact that we all want and need love. We can survive on food and water, but we thrive on human connection, some might deny it due to failed relationships or being afraid to get hurt but secretly wanting it in the core of their life. Intimacy nourishes us on a spiritual level through intellectual stimulation, mutual emotional understanding, and physical touch.

A healthy relationship provides shelter as well because we feel at home in the presence of someone we trust. Also, we feel a “knowingness” that we are with someone who knows and understands us at our core. Seeking out a soulmate partnership will certainly satisfy your physical and emotional desires. Moreover, it will allow you to enter a state of deep spiritual fulfillment and a wholeness of being.

Soulmate Defined

Let me explain what I mean by the term “soulmate.” You walk your own unique and individual path. No one but you can carve this path. A soulmate may show up on your path as a friend, a short-lived romance, or a lifelong partnership.

How can you tell which is which? The archetypes of the major arcana in the ancient Tarot teach us all the ways we can come together, learn from one another, and ultimately surrender into greater self-awareness. Below I have outlined the four types of soulmate partnerships. Which one do you need in your life right now?

  1. The Power Duo: Love at First Premonition
    The Magician and High Priestess together define the Law of Attraction where dreams really do come true! When you align your inner power with nature, possibility surrounds you. Your will and determination will drive you while your intuition and sensibility will guide you. This partnership represents “flow” in that empathic way when you both know what the other thinks and feels and you can respond in ways that support one another.

These two typically meet during life transitions. Both partners understand that change needs to happen. They fearlessly dive headfirst into the ocean of their dreams, often surprised at finding each other when they come up for air.

This is a love that lasts, and it occurs when you least expect it. These two inspire others to never give up on finding someone that will have your best interest at heart. These two both want the same thing out of life. They will not hesitate to go out and get it, all the while helping the other attain their desires. One without the other cannot seem to get their vision to take off. But together, with an unstoppable force and an unbreakable bond, fantasy can become reality. They build one another’s confidence because they see the world and each other as expansive.

  1. The Past Life Connection: Love at First Memory
    The Emperor and Empress have a familiar past life connection. Also known as the mother and Father, they meet in a synchronistic way. Unavoidable coincidences and divine intervention play a huge role. You literally cannot miss one another when your paths are meant to cross. It just keeps happening over and over again. The universe will tell you in not-so-subtle ways that you better pay some attention to this one!

Upon meeting, whether in childhood or well into old age, there is an undeniable Deja vu sensation. This familiarity and almost immediate comfort allows this couple to stay united no matter how much time and distance try to keep them apart. When they reconnect after a separation, whether long or short in duration, they pick up the conversation and passion as if no time passed at all.

This couple craves a simple and meaningful life. They build a home and create a family. Cooking and gardening and enjoying all that life has to offer together brings them joy. They see their place in the world as secondary to their union and while ambitions are important, they value togetherness above all.

  1. Mirrored Reflection: Love at First Glance
    Most often referred to as the twin flame, the Lovers, unlike the other examples, is but one single card. Two beings connect to become one, thus creating an intensely passionate union. Those who fall in love in this way often describe an overwhelming, almost intoxicating, sense of seeing themselves or even the face of the divine in the eyes of their beloved.

The Lovers encounter one another during times of spiritual crisis, battles with addiction/recovery, and following periods of loss or brushes with mortality. We seek out those who can bear to see us at our most vulnerable and we long to know ourselves at depths that often remain untouched in day-to-day living.

The risk of conflict and enmeshment runs high with the Lovers because this couple can easily lose themselves in the relationship. One or both partners can become swallowed up by obsession and the loss of independence eventually causes a dissolution. Loving from the spirit is the lesson of the Lovers and while this partnership tends toward the unhealthy and codependent, in the long run it can be the greatest teacher of all the soulmate connections.

  1. The Magnetism: Love at First Illumination
    The epitome of “opposites attract,” the Sun and the Moon are drawn to both the light and the shadows within one another. The Moon unveils his or her dark truth in the light of the Sun. The Sun has no judgment—only compassion and acceptance—and the Moon finally knows freedom in the Sun’s loving embrace.

A rendezvous between the Sun and the Moon feels a lot like the relationship between a superhero and a villain at first. They complement one another but there is no denying a bold edginess and rebellious quality when this couple enters the room. They learn quickly that speaking the truth reigns supreme in this cosmic connection. Both partners not only make peace with their darker sides through their mutual understanding, but they bring them out to play with one another. They simply get each other in a way that nobody else does and in this way, unconditional love, and acceptance lead to liberation in their devotion to each other.

Love Completely and Surrender Fully

While you may find all of these qualities present in your current relationship, ask yourself which one resonates most powerfully with you right now, and focus on the gifts it has to offer in the here and now. Inevitably, we all shift and change. You will find that some relationships appear and disappear quickly, while other foundational partnerships stay strong through the thick and thin.

The biggest mystery of the soulmate vibe is that it shows up and exits when the time is right, reminding us how deeply interconnected we all are and just how invested your spirit is in bringing you towards your highest good. Trust the path you choose and do not fear making choices that ultimately serve you! May you continue to receive all the love and support you need.