How to Cope With One-Sided Love?

One-Sided Love

Have you ever loved someone, and they didn’t love you back? Maybe you fell for a friend, but they only see you as just a friend. Unrequited love or one-sided love can be devastating, especially when you are so much in love with someone.

A lot of us have dealt with this tough scenario once or twice in our lives. One-Sided love is difficult enough when the person you love is someone you hardly know, but it can be even worse if this person is a friend of yours.

When someone you love does not feel the same towards you, you may start to blame yourself. Maybe, it’s the way you look or the way you act. It’s important for you not to go down this route, because it can be damaging, especially the problem isn’t you.

Here are some positive and effective ways to choose from to help you cope with one-sided love.

Give yourself permission to be sad!

One-Sided love can really hurt. You can have a hard time dealing with it. It is ok to give yourself time to grieve. You realized that it’s not possible to be in a relationship with someone and you’ve lost the idea that your feelings would be returned.

Be aware of your feelings and let yourself grieve, angry or disappointed. All of your emotions are valid, and you need to give yourself permission to have these feelings. Give yourself some time and be aware that emotions and feelings don’t disappear overnight.

Keep yourself busy

Get distracted by doing things you love and enjoy, whether watching your favorite TV series, painting, spending time with your friends or just find a hobby that you enjoy, it can really help. This way you will not only distract yourself from thinking about this person, but you will also do things that you enjoy and may find new hobbies of interest too.

Working out can also be a great way to feel more positive as it gets your endorphins flowing. By keeping yourself busy, you will start to feel much better, while trying new things and doing hobbies you enjoy.

Reach out to people who care about you

Try to spend more time with your family and friends. Reaching out to people who care about you is a great way to find support and motivation to move on.

Speak to your family about your feelings and then listen to advice they give you. They know they and can treat you much better than you may be treating yourself.  You can also hang out with your friends and the situation becomes a lot easier to deal with when you are surrounded by people who care about you.

Show yourself some self-care

It’s very important to love yourself and practice some self-care to overcome one-sided love. Do whatever it takes to feel cared for and to be happy. Have more “me time”, relax and meditate.

Following these steps can really help you start feeling more positive and confident about yourself and will help you stop putting the blame on you, helping you to live a more fulfilled life.