Good Habits for a Good Marriage

Good Marriage

Marriage is hard work and there is no guarantee that it will be a success. As hard as it is to realize, the early days of blissful romance do not last forever.   But as hard work is its own rewards, an investment in a marriage will yield many benefits.

The things that are most vital to a relationship are communication and connection and intimacy.  The connection helps you feel close to your partner.  This is because your shared values as well as a concern for your needs brings you together.

Communication skills are also important because it helps you understand each other as well as making yourself understood. The vulnerability that accompanies intimacy helps trust evolve and grow. All of these things are generally present when a couple gets married.  Can it be sustained over years? It can if you build in good habits for a good marriage.

Show your partner you are happy to see them.

Really express your love when you see your partner.  Give them a warm embrace along with your full attention and let them know how glad you are to be next to them. Not only is this a physical sign of your love, but it also helps release oxytocin which is a hormone that helps you bond with your partner.

Always be grateful

When you retire for the night, be sure you show your appreciation for something your partner has done for you.  You can even leave a little note for them. This expression of gratitude is a sign of your appreciation and reinforces your own feelings of love.

Be empathetic

Instead of being a “right fighter” and fixating on your side of an argument, take a minute to see their side of the issue.   Take a minute to actually hear and restate their concerns. It is absolutely all right to ask them to do the same

Listen mindfully

Listen to your partner when they are upset. Do not try to fix their problem. Just listen. Many times, they just want someone to hear their point of view. Ask them what they need from you.  Sometimes it’s just a kind ear.

Sweet nothings matter

There are certain things your partner needs to hear from you. These are those words that make them feel valued and loved.  Once you know what these words are, let them hear them from you often. These words are the fuel that will help keep your romance going.

Memories are important.

Share your memories with each other.  Tell them about the things you always think about when they are thinking of you.  Share these thoughts with them. These happy moments will help strengthen the bond between you.

Don’t be afraid of change

Change happens. It’s the only constant in life.  Talk to each other about change in each other’s lives, keep an open mind and an understanding heart. Ask them for their impressions of the change in each other.

Share your dreams

If you feel that you have lost touch with each other, ask them what their dreams and hopes are.  Once again, be open and honest.  Listen to what they are saying without jumping to conclusions.  Ask them what they would like to achieve over the next several years.  Perhaps ask what you can do to help them reach their goals.

Remember that partnership means both of you. Any partnership needs attention and work to survive.  Do not ever stop trying or stop listening to what your partner needs or wants.  This doesn’t have to be hard work. Just a few words and hugs can keep a romance alive and growing.