Healing the Heart Chakra Energy

Healing the Heart Chakra Energy

If your relationships, romantic and platonic, are struggling or you are being clingy and obsessive about a crush, then your heart chakra may be off.

Heart Chakra Explained

The heart chakra is a glowing, green energy orb deep in the chest’s center, as believed by energy healing practitioners of an Eastern tradition. The heart chakra is one of seven natural energetic junctions which are life force points that are concentrated. Each separate chakra rules the organs around it with a host of spiritual functions.

An energy healer who focuses on someone who could not speak up for themselves may focus on the throat chakra because it effects the airways and vocal cords, but also a metaphorical voice. So, the heart chakra not only effects the cardiovascular system, but the ability to receive and give love.

Compromised Chakra

Everyone’s energy profile is different so there is no exact way to tell if your heart chakra needs realigned, but there are noticeable signs. If you have experienced the following, you may need a tune-up:

  • A critical view of yourself or others
  • Being or feeling impatient and tense, even after a time to recharge
  • Self-loathing
  • Negative self-talk
  • Behaviors that are self-destructive
  • Unable to feel happy over achievements (your own or others)

However, there are times when you have a bloated or inflamed heart chakra which is evidenced by:

  • Stalking behaviors (social media or obsessive texting)
  • Obsession over a love interest (interferes with life)
  • Feelings of all or nothing

Testing the Chakra

There is an easy way to do a heart chakra assessment. Get into a comfortable position that you can stay in for a bit, close your eyes, and imagine the green, glowing sphere in the center of your chest. Focus on what it is, not on trying to change it. The color of green you observe means something. If it is vibrant, like grass, then you are safe, if it is sickly green then work can be done.

Balancing the Heart Chakra

There are many ways to bring the heart chakra back into alignment, but what works for one person may vary from what works for another. Several options are shared below.

  • In the world of energy work, a simple imagining of a change can have effects, so visualize a white light from the universe entering the space and revitalizing the green orb.
  • Yoga can help to relax and stretch the muscles, opening a clouded chakra. Try the camel and cobra poses.
  • Some scents are associated with the heart chakra, such as jasmine, so lighting some or drinking jasmine tea may help.
  • Meditation focused on loving kindness is healing to the heart chakra.
  • Express your feelings through writing, drawing or discussion, but get the feelings out.
  • Exercise as a form of self-compassion. It does not need to be an over-exertion, but some form of physical activity.
  • Move on from grudges and past hurt, make a conscious choice. Learn to forgive for yourself.
  • Move away from addiction behaviors and relationships by placing strong boundaries.

The heart chakra provides life warmth and love so take care of it. Check in periodically, even when not in crisis, to get the best from your heart chakra. Always keep your heart chakra strong and aligned to have the best life.


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