Having Unconditional Love in Relationships

Unconditional Love

People think about unconditional love as being spiritual or being something so good and righteous that everyone wants to pursue it. It sounds like the perfect world and the perfect love, but we all know that it isn’t real.

Trying to love someone unconditionally will leave you always feeling like you aren’t good enough or you aren’t doing enough.

Do you feel that you can love someone under any condition that they treat you or any way that they behave?

We have unconditional love to children and babies but beyond that, we have values and morals that we live by. Are you ready to love someone even when they break these things that are important to you?

Unconditional love means that you ignore things that are not loving and are not kind. Here are reasons that unconditional love is bad in a real relationship:

This Kind of Love is Fake

People need to learn to be more accepting, but they also need more boundaries. You have to have boundaries because relationships bring conflict, and this means that you are not going to be ready to accept everything that your partner hands to you.

Accepting a person and their behaviors is not real. If someone is not working through their bad behavior and their issues, will you still be able to love them and stay with them? You should never have to negotiate things in your life such as your values.

Getting Out

If you love someone unconditionally, it means that they can treat you any way that they want, they can lie or cheat on you and you will still love them. They can abuse you or treat you like garbage.

Can you really love someone that treats you that way? Some people will do whatever they want in a relationship because they want to be in control. If you believe in unconditional love, it means that your partner can treat you any way that they want and they can abuse you, talk down to you or even take advantage of you.

Where Did Unconditional Come from?

Unconditional love is not a spiritual thing, it is something that was introduced by a psychologist, Erich Fromm and he believed that unconditional love was something a mother had for her children because she never expected anything out of them.

He also stated that fathers do not have the same love as a mother. He believes that a father wants his children to act a certain way and if they do, he will show them love.

Now you can see why unconditional love is different. Love often depends on the person and how they are acting, and this happens because unconditional love is not real between people, and someone will always be trying to make things work out that aren’t working out.

Being in a relationship means that you have a mutual agreement on how you are going to treat each other. You have general interests, and you live together in a relationship as together but independent and this brings happiness.

A good relationship will not have unconditional love because this would be a self-sacrificing relationship completely and no one would ever want to be in that kind of relationship.

Unconditional Love Takes Away Justice

If you loved someone unconditionally, you would never be able to say anything when they treated you poorly. You would just have to accept it.

Love has a purpose, and no one expects there to be unconditional love. We are people that want to have a meaning to everything and when we have fights or problems, we want to face them and grow from them.

Unconditional love means that you never question behavior, but you accept all behavior. Who wants to live in a relationship where you are treated however someone wants to treat you?