Guaranteeing a Successful Relationship

Successful Relationship

Ever single  couple has different quirks and other things that make their relationship unique. Thus, there is no specific formula or set of rules to make a romance run smoothly.  But it seems that some couples have some secret that makes their relationship better.

Here is a list of a things that help keep the partnership strong:

1. Remember that you are partners

While it is important that you keep your individuality and independence in your relationship, it is just as important to remember that you are couple and you are a team. You should work together and be each others’ shelter from the storm.

2. “I love you” should mean something

If you have been with your partner for a few years, you may have slipped into the kind of slump where you respond automatically when your partner says, “I love you.” Stay mindful of what your are really saying. make sure that you put as much emphasis in to the everyday I love you as you did in the very first one. Don’t run the risk of taking your love for granted. You earned this love. Cherish it so you can keep it.

3. Don’t let the magic of intimacy go by the wayside. Being intimate with your partner has several benefits. It can reduce your stress while raising your self esteem. It is also a great way to connect to your partner. It gives you a chance to bond on every level. Schedule a date night for special time with your partner.

4. Don’t bring your old baggage into your current relationship.

It is only natural that each of you has a past. Don’t drag in your old behaviors into this new relationship.  Think about what went wrong in you past and leave that type of thing where it belongs, in the past. You are now a different person and are in a different relationship.

5. Stay compassionate

When we are in the first days  of a romance, we are very understanding and forgiving. We celebrate the differences between us.  But once you have been together for awhile, these difference can become irritating.   This is only natural, but how can you avoid conflict.  Stay compassionate.  Think of how you are resounding and have a bit of empathy. You probably have a few things that annoy your partner.  Celebrate your differences. The combination of empathy and respect can help your relationship last a long time.