Breaking the Barriers from Friends to Lovers

Breaking the Barriers from Friends to Lovers

Although tricky, the line between friendship and romance can be crossed. It is nothing new for friends to have a hidden crush between them. This crush may be held back by fear of losing the friendship all together. Along with the fear is excitement, because, after all, what could be more exciting than a romantic partner who is also a good friend? It can be done if you follow a few guidelines.

 Maintain Honesty

By entertaining the possibility of romance has already changed the perspective of your friendship.  You may feel that you have to hide your thoughts from you potential partner. If you would tell your friend anything, why change things now?

If honesty has played a major role in the friendship, keep to that.   Be honest by discussing the change in the way you view your friend.  Let them know that above all, you treasure your friendship. A great romance can blossom on the foundation of your friendship

Assume Nothing

Don’t assume that your friend knows about your feelings. You can’t assume that your friend will forsake all others, so don’t expect him/her to act as if you are there one and only if you haven’t discussed it.

Keep open the lines of communication.   If you both want your friendship to change into romance, be honest.  If your friend doesn’t not share your feelings, honestly discuss your disappointment, and move on.

Lip Service to Change

If you friendship begins to bloom into love, treat them like a lover.  Step up your meetings from casual to date like.  Take the initiative by being romantic. Honor this change as special as your love is for each other.

Things to Consider

It is widely thought that men and women can’t be friends in the first place. The belief is that men can’t view a woman as anything but a sex partner and that women can’t fully communicate with a man without trying to conquer him through seduction. There are few things to think about if you want to cross this barrier.

Whenever you are spending time together as friends, initiate some touching by offering a back rub or lightly touching him/her while you are talking.  Make sure you are dressing as if you would for a date. This may help your friend look at you from a different perspective.

If things don’t take off from there, start a discussion about becoming more than friends just to see how your friend feels. Be prepared to back up your assertion that you can remain friends if the feelings aren’t mutual.

Before you start the process ask yourself if you really mean that this will not ruin your friendship and if you can handle the disappointment if your relationship doesn’t change the way you want to.   Acknowledge that your feelings might not be reciprocated.  Know that you are taking a chance.  No matter what happens, be true to yourself.

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