Fixing a Spell Drop After Doing Magic

Fixing a Spell Drop After Doing Magic

Every witch will have a spell drop here or there and it happens to all witches at some time or other. Having different mood swings and feeling stress can come to you and make you feel like you don’t know who you are. It can make your magic ungrounded. There are ways that you can stop a spell from doing a spell drop and when this shows up in your practice, you will know what you can do to stop it.

How to Stop Spell Drops

You don’t have to really do anything when a spell drop happens. Because you have strong energy even if you do nothing, you will get your energy back to normal. Most people don’t have a spell drop that doesn’t go back to normal after a day or so. If you want to try to stop a spell drop, you can do that, but know that you don’t have to worry about this and that you will see that you are in no danger. But, if you happen to be in a mental or physical state that is causing you to feel in a dangerous situation, then this is one reason to worry.

Spell drop is not something that is going to feel good, of course, but because they don’t last long, you can address them and then go back to feeling like your regular, old self again.

Take Steps to Prevent Spell Drops

One of the best ways that you can handle a spell drop is to not let it happen. There are things that you can do to be strong before you even do a spell or some kind of magic and this can keep you strong before, during and after your spells. It is important that you learn about things such as cleansing, grounding, warding, and banishing before you ever consider doing a spell.

Cleansing will not often get rid of the symptoms of a spell drop but it can help you to not pick up other energies that you don’t need, and it can keep your area clean and strong. This allows the energy field to be stronger and then your tools and your helpers can come when you are doing your magic.

This can also help you to get rid of extra energy that might be left over in your area that you didn’t even know about. This is why cleansing is so important.

Warding is another way that you can stop spell drop. This is a great idea for witches that accidently pick up the energy of other spirits. This can cause them to be open and to have too much activity in their spirit world. The energy field can get too strong, and this doesn’t mean the spirit will possess you, it just means that you will have energy attached to you that you can accidently absorb. This is what can cause spell drop.

Depending on what kind of spell you are doing, the energy void can cause you to miss on your spells and if you are always getting energies form things around you then it will be harder to channel. You might see that your energy will pull things into your area to make the area more energetic but warding stops this from happening until you are in a safe energy field.

Banishing or grounding is probably not really necessary before doing a spell and grounding can make it hard for you to do certain kinds of magic. This can be done after you do the spell and can help you to be more comfortable if a spell drop happens.


When you have a symptom of a spell drop, even though you might have done things to prevent this, you need to figure out how to fix this. The first thing that you need to do is to find something to eat. Keep a snack close to you when you do your spells such as a granola bar or a piece of fruit. When you do spell work, you need to make sure that you have food in your system. This is one way that your body is working correctly before you even start. Eating can help you to calm down and can help to keep your body strong. If you eat something that has sugar, it can release cortisol in your body and it will make you feel better even faster. Sometimes you can even eat chocolate after you do a spell because it has magnesium in it which can calm you down and it can help to keep your cortisol strong and give you good energy.

It is also important to make sure that you drink plenty of water and that you are hydrated after you do a spell and even before. This may not fix a spell drop but it will not hurt you either and can keep you healthy.


One of the best ways to get rid of spell drop is to be grounded. You can do this by meditating and you can be grounded fast. If you are going through spell drop, grounding your energy can help you to get your energy back to normal fast. You can do this by going out in nature, going into water, or even using crystals. This will return your energy to normal and fast.

The main part of spell drop is that it affects people that are often off with their energies. If someone has their energy strong, the spell drop will not affect them but someone that is always in and out with their energy and trades their energy easily will often experience spell drop. This is common for people that have mental issues or are depressed or stressed out. People have different rates of energy and that means that if they don’t stay closed off, they will not be able to craft without having spell drop. It is not bad for your energy to get high or low, it just can cause you to feel unsafe and have symptoms that you didn’t really want.

The best way to ground yourself is to go outside and walk barefoot or to go for a walk on the beach. This is how nature can ground you fast, and it can be fun along the way.

Energy Direction

Once you know how to tell if you are going through spell drop, you can learn to know right away if your energy is high or low. This is a way that you can adjust your energy and it can help your body to go back to normal fast.

People that have too much energy will need to find ways to get rid of the energy right away. This can be done through exercise such as running, biking or even swimming. There are other exercises of course that can get rid of your energy fast, just find something that you love to do and do it.

When you don’t have enough energy, you need to figure out how to boost your energy. You can do this by taking an ap if you are tired, dancing to fast music or listening to something funny. You can even watch a movie that will make you laugh. Do something that makes you feel good and that you are comfortable with. If you like to read, get a cup of coffee or tea, and read a book. The problem with coffee though is that it can give you a fast boost but can make you extra tired after the caffeine wears off.

If you feel that you are very emotional and you don’t know where it came from, find a way to use your emotions in a good way. Take time to journal what you are feeling, paint something or even cry and scream if you need to. Vent your feelings as fast as you can and once you do, you will feel that you are less stressed and upset. This will give you back your energy.

Down Time

Everyone needs to have down time here and there and if you are someone that often has spell drop, you need to have time to recover from your spells. Take time after you do a spell and go do something fun such as go out for drinks with friends. If you are constantly busy such as doing spells and then cleaning, running errands and more, you might not ever have time to rest and relax and this can be part of your spell drop. You know what you can take and what you can do and if you find that you are feeling busy or that you are feeling out of whack with your emotions, find ways to calm down and to give yourself down time. Do this so that you can feel good about your magic.

Take time to recover after you do magic. When a spell is bigger, you need more time to rest afterwards. Little spells or sigil spells will probably need little or no down time but something that is bigger will need some down time. Some people will wait for a whole day to really do anything after doing a spell.

You know your body so give yourself the time that you need to get your energy in control. You need to have good self-care and make sure that you are not overdoing anything in your life. You will not be of any account if you don’t take care of you. No one expects you to go right to work after doing a spell because you need to take time to recover and make sure you are strong.

Take care of yourself after each spell and make sure that you are cleansing, warding, and doing what you need to stay strong and healthy. This is something that is non-negotiable if you want to be able to do magic and stay healthy. Find the things that you love the most and that work best for you. Find things that you are comfortable with and that get you back to normal. Try different ways to feel better and know that even if you experience spell drop, it’s not the end of the world. Take care of yourself along the way and know that magic is supposed to make your life better and not worse.