Dreaming of an Unfaithful Partner

Envisioning an Unfaithful Partner

If you have every woken up angry at your partner because you had a dream that they were unfaithful, you’re not alone.  Many people have had this experience. There they are, blissfully slumbering, enjoying a few hours in dreamland, when suddenly, there it is; the vision of the love of your life in the arms of someone else.  It’s horrifying, not uncommon, and more often than not, completely untrue.

Even when a dream like that turns out to be true, you might not actually be psychic.  More than likely, it means that you have picked up on some subtle clues and hints noting the changes in your partners behavior. Signs include any sudden change in their appearance, a new wardrobe or cologne.  These signs may have been collected by your subconscious and then manifested into a dream.  This type of dream is usually caused by stress or anxiety.

If you dreamed that you caught your love in the arms of another, it means that you are worried about something you find lacking in your own life, something that is making you doubt your own self-worth.  If you dream that you are the unfaithful one, it means that you are feeling pangs of guilt caused by other things.  Most of the time, these dreams aren’t even related to your relationship.

If there is anything in your waking life that you feel uncomfortable about; not working as hard as you should (no one’s looking anyway) or you looked the other way when someone needed you, or you ignored a phone call from a family member, this guilt can lurk in your subconscious and come out as a dream of something you would never do.

The dreams of your love in the arms of another come from a place of fear.  The fear could be coming from anything. Problems at work, a forgotten bill or parking ticket or any kind of fear can pop up as the fear of being cheated on.

It is also possible that your dream of infidelity comes from a fear of abandonment. When you are a child, you are almost powerless when it comes to the details of your life. If you lose a parent through divorce or death, you can feel as if you were left behind.   If you moved around a lot when you were young, you may feel displaced and insecure about your friendships.

Thus, these insecurities can appear again as a dream of being the victim of a faithless spouse.  And even though your dream is not rooted in the reality of your relationship, it is healthy to think about what could be causing your dream. Work on the problems like trust and fear.  If these problems, go unresolved it can unravel events strongest of relationships.

While working on yourself and your lack of trust or by visiting problems that you are facing and facing your fear, you will be working on your relationship along the way. Having a strong inner self can help to make your relationship stronger and can help to keep away unnecessary drama.

No matter who is the villain in the nightly drama of your dreams, it is valuable to revisit the specifics of your dreams. Very often the cast of characters in your dream symbolize the people in your waking life.   Making these connections can help guide you through your feelings of anxiety and insecurity.

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