Energy Vampires You Love

Energy Vampires You Love

When an energy vampire is someone that you care about or love, it can be a hard thing to deal with.  There are people that come in your life that are dramatic and they make you feel that you are drained emotionally.  These people can make you feel overwhelmed or tired after you are around them.

People that are energy vampires are easy to find because they are always complaining or crying but they never do anything to help themselves and they can also be someone that gossips about other people or that criticize you for all that you do.

It is hard to deal with these people, especially if you love them and are close to them, but there are ways that you can learn to shield yourself.

Dealing with Energy Vampires

Keep in mind that there are different kinds of energy vampires and how they drain you can be different per person.  Some things that might drain you are:

  • When they complain all the time.
  • When they are jealous and insecure.
  • When they don’t take responsibilities for their actions.
  • When they can’t find their own joy.
  • When they judge other people.

We have all met these people in our lives and these people have dominate traits that can cause you to be stressed and aggravated.  They can take away all of your energies and hurt your feelings.  There are triggers that you have that can be pushed and so you have to figure out what your triggers are.

Once you figure out what your triggers are and why they aggravate you, you need to come up with a strategy and figure out how you can beat these energies.

Find Positive Energies

Think about someone that is critical of you and how tired and bad it makes you feel.  Before you visit them, think about the good qualities that they have.  Even if this is hard, dig deep until you find what you can think positive about them.

For example, even if they always pick on you, at least they are telling you things from love, or you know that they don’t mean to hurt you and they are kind to people that you love.

By doing this, you can have a positive frame of mind and you can focus on things from a whole perspective and see that they mean good but just communicate things wrongly.

Imagine White Light

Try to surround yourself by white light.  You can do this by imagining that a white light is surrounding you and getting rid of all of the negative energies in your life.

Things Not to Do

Try to make sure that you do not argue or take things personally.  An energy vampire is normally negative, and they probably aren’t attacking you on a personal basis.

Vibrational Frequency

When you are energetic and full of energy, it means that you are a person.  You have high emotions and when they are positive, they can increase your vibrational frequencies.  The higher that your vibrations are, the easier it is to deal with people that are energy vampires.

There are ways that you can increase your frequencies and you can do this by:

  • Meditating
  • Listening to your favorite kind of music.
  • Look for good in the world.
  • Look for good in others.
  • Learn to journal your feelings.

Remember that if you are usually happy that you will send this into the universe and get love and happiness back.  Each day you will experience emotions and they can be negative and positive, but you will bring the best out of others.


Everyone has to have boundaries, and this is especially important when you are around energy vampires.  There might be times when you have to set firmer boundaries, and this happens when you are around others that are always letting off negative energies.

Be helpful and let your heart center around your love and your kindness.  This is part of your journey.