Empaths and Narcissists

Empaths and Narcissists

It is sometimes known that an empath and a narcissist are often drawn to each other, and this happens because an empath is very compassionate, and a narcissist needs someone that is all about them. Even though they are drawn to each other, this does not mean that it is a good match because an empath is overly emotional, and they will put up with anything that a narcissist deals out.

This can cause the empath to feel that they are used and degraded, and the narcissist can walk away feeling like their life is full while they are really causing chaos and confusion. Even when opposites attract, it is not always a good thing. Sometimes, people are together for the wrong reasons and when this happens, it can be hurtful for the empath.

Narcissists are often attracted to people that they can use and so it is easy for them to go after the empaths. Empaths are opposite of narcissist because they are giving and sensitive while the narcissist only cares about his or her own emotions.

An empath picks up the emotions of others and absorbs their feelings and so a narcissist is really attracted to this kind of personality.

Toxic Relationship

An empath that wants to survive a relationship needs to stay away from a narcissist. Being with a narcissist is a recipe for disaster and this kind of attraction can cause an empath to have a false sense of protection until they find out what the narcissist is really about. A narcissist can come and punish the empath and be cold and uncaring while the empath is loving and attentive to their needs.

A narcissist wants someone to make them look and feel good and the problem is that they will point out their partners flaws and they will want them to be perfect and put them down when they are not. A narcissist will show who they really are and if the empath is careful, he or she will never fall for this type of person. The problem is an empath wants to fix people and they are nothing but compassionate and loving.

An empath will be with someone that they wish would listen more and would have love and compassion like they do but this will never be true, especially if they aren’t careful who they fall for.

Drama and Pain

A narcissist will be opposite of an empath. They want things to be dramatic and full of pain and chaos. A narcissist will manipulate who they are with, and they will act like they are kind and caring until they have their victim in the palm of their hands and then they will change.

People that are empaths will look past the mistakes and the problems that a narcissist causes, and they will just hope that they will change, and they will treat them better. It is the narcissists personality that will allow the empath to think they are changing just so they can hurt them more.


Being with a narcissist can be a trauma bond or a bad relationship. It is a relationship that is impossible to fix and there will only be damage to the person that is not the narcissist.

An empath will look at themselves and will not realize that there is a problem in the relationship, or they will think that they are the ones that are the problems or that they are not perfect and that is why things do not work out like they hope.

It is hard for an empath to understand that a narcissist is only there to make them miserable and even when an empath tries to change for a narcissist, it will never be good enough. There are many signs that you can look out for and if you see the signs of a narcissist, choose to stay away.

Be Careful in Your Relationship Choices

When you meet new people and you want to be with them or date them, be careful about who they are and what they are doing. Look and see how they act and see if they are changing and doing good in their life.

Make sure that you set boundaries and know that all healthy relationships have boundaries. You can say no to someone, and you should not let people take advantage of your kindness.

It is hard for an empath to not let their heart get in the way of these things and it is important for the empath to realize that not everyone is going to be good for them and it is okay to let them go.