Do Empaths Have Narcissistic Traits?

Narcissistic Traits

Pluto is a mysterious planet, and it is the coldest and darkest of all the others. This is also the God of the Underworld in mythology that was known as someone being quiet and calculating. The idea of birth, death and rebirth is something many people talk about and with this comes the birth of empaths.

Empaths can be strong just like Pluto and they can be people that have their own strong self-esteem and are aware of what is going on around them. Not all empaths have the need to be validated by you. You will know the difference between these empaths and other empaths based on their calm and collected demeanor. They are the ones that watch people and don’t say a lot. They also don’t trust easily.

Empaths are very good natured and they are people that don’t usually want to cause any kind of troubles. This is why they often attract narcissist people. They are also attracted to toxic relationships.

They are people that will smile and will be quiet and instead of keeping away from this kind of personality, the narcissistic person is often drawn to them. These are people that have lo self-esteem and are very toxic. They are smart and they come across as great people. They are able to mask the way that they bully others and they will find an empath that will put up with them.

Empaths are loving and kind and they are able to take on stress that others give them. This makes them targets for bad relationships and bad personalities. Those that are narcissistic are people that can get into the life of an empath and can behave in ways that hurt them.

When an empath turns into a narcissist though, they will have a plan to fight the toxic behaviors of the person that is around them and they will do this when they reach the point that they can’t take it anymore.

Things Change

Once an empath is able to get over the way that they are being treated, they realize that the toxic personalities that they are putting up with is not what they want. They will destroy their ego and will give themselves power. Since the narcissist has low self-esteem, the empath will see that there is no empathy there.

Most narcissists will have low vibrations and the empath will fight against this. They will avoid this kind of behavior and they will not allow their own ego to take over.

Many empaths have gone through different life traumas, and they have changed over time. They have a little bit of their own ego and because of this, they are able to be on a mission that stops other egos from bringing them down.

Negativity of the Ego

The empath knows that the ego brings negativity. They know that they have to get over this because it just causes fights and abuse. Empaths will respond to the bad behavior of toxic people by being silent, but it doesn’t mean they are weak.

Most of the time there is negativity against the empath and this can cause the toxic behavior to be there. Once the empath realizes that there is toxic behavior though, they will get over the person and they will leave. They will not stay a victim forever no matter how much they love that person.

Empaths win the game each time when they decide to leave the narcissistic and toxic relationships. They make the place a better place and they live their best lives.