How Creativity Reinforces Your Chakras


Have you noticed that when you are doing something that you are passionate with, time seems to just pass while taking your fears and worries with it? Or how, after accomplishing something, the artists are blooming and inspired? Maybe you’ve even experienced the flow of love or sexual energy after spoiling in a creative endeavor. This is not a misconception: Having a creative hobby that you are passionate about– whether it’s cooking, dance, or visual art — is a great way to practice self-love, strengthen your second and fourth chakras, and generally have a juicier life.

And the juicier we feel about ourselves, the more visible we are to potential partners. Creative play makes us more attractive, creates receptivity in the field and “attraction” chakras, as well as cultivates all-important self-love.

How Creativity Affects the Energy Field

Our aura, or energy field, is one of the main points of attraction between us and another. This is true for any kind of relationship. Though you may not be able to see auras with your naked eye, your own energetic antennae will pick up the vibration of another’s field. We’ve all felt this, and whatever is present in our aura will be sensed by others as well. So, it makes sense that when we are feeling the pleasure of artistic endeavor, our field becomes “shinier” and more attractive.

Two chakras in particular, the second and fourth, contribute to the receptivity and “good vibes” in our energy field. The second, or sacral chakra governs our feelings, sexuality, creativity, and self-love. As one of the lower chakras, it is instinctual and primal.

The fourth chakra, or heart center, governs our love for others and how we give and receive love. Both of these chakras are stimulated by the creative process and are essential to have at maximum operation if you want to attract love and passion that is in alignment with your true self.

Creativity, Self-Love, and Attraction

Creativity is a primal and essential part of being human. It is related to the procreation — the connection to the second chakra. Creative work strengthens self-love via the surrender to the creative process. As you immerse yourself in doing something that brings you joy, endorphins and other neurotransmitters are released by the brain. This allows relaxation and a sense of well-being — all of which help you to attract a love that is good for you.

Let’s look at a real-world example. Lisa was a visual artist but found it hard to be disciplined around her art. She had a bit of the tortured artist stereotype going on, often thinking: “If I’m an artist, I have to suffer.” We did some energy work around this belief, and she started to have a more positive connection to painting. As she gave time to her art every week, I noticed that overall, she was happier and more relaxed, and was kinder to herself in other ways.

Lisa had also been single for quite a while and had a history of emotionally abusive relationships. I encouraged her to paint through some of her pain and to allow her creative spirit to help her heal. Even though her paintings became quite dark, her aura remained strong and vibrant as she honored her feelings and also her artistic self.

After a few months of commitment to her painting, Lisa met a man at an art opening. He was not her “type,” but because she was open and happier with herself, she was receptive to developing a friendship with him. A few fun outings later, the relationship began to deepen and is healthy. They are both artists and both take time in their busy lives to play with their creative spirit.

Ways to Connect to Your Creativity

Many people protest that they aren’t creative. This isn’t true — it isn’t even possible! But many of my clients are cut off from their creative impulse, and this shows up in sluggish chakras and limited thinking about life in general — including expectations around love.

Our creative muses are always waiting for us. I help clients connect to what might be a good outlet for them through Tarot and intuitive readings. We can also look at the astrological chart to help find innate but perhaps latent talents or divine best directions.

Often, I start by just having the client make a list of what they loved to play and do in childhood. With a bit of thought, people are often surprised to remember that they wrote endless adventure stories as a child, or played dress-up, or loved to make their own comic books. Children are creative, but our original artistic longings often get buried in time.

Janine was a woman in her late 50s who came to me because she felt frustrated in love and in life generally. She had suffered a bitter mid-life divorce and had been a workaholic since. When I looked at her aura, it was clear that her fourth and second chakras were undernourished, and that her relationship to herself had never really bounced back from the divorce. I asked her what her self-love practice was, and she just stared at me.

“I take a bath once in a while, sometimes make myself a nice meal. But — who has time for self-love? I’m not sure I even know what that is!”

We had a few sessions together and discovered that she had a childhood passion for acting out stories. I asked her if she’d like to explore theater. Though she didn’t feel she could commit to auditions, we hit upon the idea of an acting class. A part of her lit up at the thought. Though she was inclined to dismiss it, we made a contract that she would try it out.

The class focused on improvisation and was filled with interesting people of all ages. As Janine came for her sessions, I could see her chakras opening, and her joy was apparent. The class made her laugh and called out her creativity. Because it was a structured event that she paid for, she felt committed to going. This worked better for her than trying to come up with a creative practice at home (which was clearly indicated by her astrological chart).

Janine made new friends in the class and ended up beginning a relationship with her teacher. At our last session, the relationship was blossoming along with Janine’s new respect for her creative self. She has even encouraged her daughter to return to a high school photography hobby.

Do the simple writing exercise above to help you uncover the inner creative spirit that awaits you. As you make time for loving expression of your artistic longing, you will find more joyful relationships entering your life.


  1. This article beautifully elucidates the profound connection between creativity and self-love. The way it emphasizes how engaging in creative activities can significantly enhance our energy field is truly enlightening. I particularly appreciated the real-world examples of Lisa and Janine, which vividly demonstrate the transformative power of embracing one’s artistic passions. It’s a compelling reminder that our creative pursuits not only enrich our personal lives but also open doors to deeper, more meaningful relationships.

  2. Ah yes, because taking up pottery will turn you into a love magnet overnight! Next, they’ll tell us knitting scarves will make us millionaires. Hilarious!

  3. What a thought-provoking piece! The insights on how creativity impacts our chakras and aura provide a fascinating perspective on the interconnectedness of our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The examples shared were deeply inspiring and served as a testament to how cultivating artistic hobbies can lead to profound personal growth and improved relationships. This article is a wonderful encouragement for anyone feeling disconnected from their creative side, highlighting the importance of reconnecting with those passions for a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

  4. This article is profoundly insightful! It captures the essence of how creativity can serve as a conduit for self-love and overall well-being. The connection between our chakras and artistic expression is a fascinating concept that I hadn’t considered before. Truly enlightening.

  5. The real-world examples provided in the article illustrate the powerful effect of creativity on personal growth and relationships. It would be beneficial to have more guidance on how to identify and commit to a creative hobby, especially for busy individuals or those who feel disconnected from creativity.

  6. While the notion of creativity boosting self-love and attraction is appealing, I am skeptical of the claims about chakras and energy fields. It would be beneficial to see more scientific evidence supporting these ideas.

  7. Oh great, another pseudoscientific take on chakras and energy fields. While the idea of creativity enhancing our lives is valid, attributing it to invisible chakras feels like a stretch. Can we focus on the psychological and tangible benefits instead?

  8. Well, this was a stretch. Are we really supposed to believe that picking up a creative hobby can mend broken relationships and realign our energy fields? While the anecdote about Lisa and Janine is heartwarming, it feels more like fiction than an actionable plan.

  9. The author’s approach to integrating creativity into self-love practices is refreshing. I wonder how one could balance this with other self-care routines, and whether there are specific types of creative activities that are more effective for enhancing the second and fourth chakras.

  10. The idea that painting or acting can enhance one’s aura and make them more attractive is a bit far-fetched. It sounds more like new-age mumbo jumbo than a practical self-help strategy.

    • I disagree, Max. Personal experiences often hold more weight than scientific studies. Engaging in creative activities has undeniably improved my sense of self-worth and happiness. Sometimes, feeling is believing.

  11. The connection between creativity and the chakras is intriguing. It makes sense that engaging in creative activities can enhance our energetic fields and contribute to self-love. However, I’m curious about how one might maintain this creative flow amid a hectic lifestyle.

  12. It’s interesting how this article ties creative hobbies to something as abstract as chakras and auras. While the metaphysical aspects might not resonate with everyone, the underlying message about the importance of creativity in our lives is undeniably valuable.

  13. The article offers valuable insights into how engaging in creative activities can lead to personal growth and improved relationships. The examples of Lisa and Janine are particularly compelling and provide practical inspiration.

  14. The idea that creativity can impact our aura and attract positive relationships is fascinating. I would be interested to know if there are scientific studies that back up the connection between creative activities and the health of our chakras.

  15. This article provides an intriguing exploration of the connection between creativity and energy fields. It’s fascinating to consider how artistic endeavors can influence our chakras and emotional well-being. A refreshing perspective indeed.

  16. So let me get this straight: painting a pretty picture will magically align my chakras and make me irresistible? Sure, why not. Next, you’ll tell me I can solve global warming by singing in the shower. Thanks for the laugh!

  17. It’s compelling to see how creative activities can transform one’s emotional state and relationships. However, for those who have never been particularly drawn to the arts, what are some alternative methods to enhance self-love and energy field receptivity?


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