Why a Clingy Woman Pushes Men Away

Clingy Woman

A lot of men want to be needed by a woman, but a needy woman will send any man running for the hills. There are some women who need a lot of care and attention. They want to hear from the man several times a day which is annoying, and they need constant validation from him. They also need flowers and gifts very often.

There is nothing wrong with needing or wanting attention, however a needy woman yearns for it in excess. Some women have the belief that being in a relationship requires a lot of sentimental attention all the time, all day, every day.

If a woman finds herself getting sad often because the man in her life is not giving her constant attention, she is a needy woman and a drain to any man she has in her life.

There are underlining factors behind that neediness and how the man interprets it is far different from the woman who is being needy. To understand how a man translates the actions of a needy woman read on.

The 3 Tips in Which a Man Interprets a Needy Woman

Why Men Are Afraid of Needy Women Tip#1

We all seek and need positive validation from our partners. We want to know that we are admired, loved, and supported. However, if your man needs to tell you that you are beautiful everyday this could become an issue.

Beneath the surface, what the man hears from you is that you don’t feel good enough about yourself. He will soon enough begin to question himself for being with you in the first place. He will wonder why he finds you attractive if you don’t find yourself attractive.

He will hear you complain about your flaws, and they will become large in his mind. He may even see those flaws that you have pointed out as a reason to leave you. He may never have seen them as flaws before you insisted on them being there.

Men don’t focus on the tiny details that women focus on. They often see the total picture and the total picture as a woman who needs constant validation, is what the picture is painting for him and that she is not attractive enough.

Why Men Are Afraid of Needy Women Tip#2

A woman who needs lots of gifts and surprises to feel validated can drain a man’s pocket. It can also drain a man vision of himself, he can be pushed into low self-worth. In his mind he will begin to wonder if he is ever enough. He will wonder if he is appreciated only for what he can give. He will also wonder if he can fulfill her constant needs.

The more she wants, the more drained he feels and the further away he will move until he is out of her life completely. If a man loves and appreciates a woman, he will be enjoy giving to her but once again there are boundaries. If there is no moderation on the part of the woman, he will soon feel used.

Why Men Are Afraid of Needy Women Tip#3

Sometimes a man may want the company of a woman, but he cannot give her 100% of himself. No matter how much he loves and adores her he may have many things going on in his life as well as in his head. He may need time to sort out himself all while getting to know that woman.

When he encounters a woman who needs lots and lots of his time, whether in person or on the phone this can burden his energy. It can lead him to feel tired instead of energized. No matter how beautiful the woman, he will no longer see it. Instead, he will feel mentally and physically exhausted.

You can’t convince a person to stay around the person or thing that is making them weak, tired, and sad. Everyone is in a different space. Some people have so much going on in their life that they cannot give 100% of themselves to any one thing or any one person even if they wanted to.

It’s important that you take time to observe that man. What is he going though in his life? Where does he place all of his energy? Don’t ever expect anyone to give more of themselves than they have to give.

Creating Balance…

A seductress has to be full of her own energy. She has to feel good about herself, no matter if she is tall, short, fat, thin, cute, or not. Feeling good and full of your own goodness will always be more alluring than if you are seeking to gain all of your energy from someone else.

Do whatever you can to build yourself fast. Learn to love the body that you are in and all of your many quirky ways. Those unique ways may very well be the quality that someone else is looking for. Always have a good support system of friends as well as activities that can fill you up.

Your partner should be someone whom you share your experiences with, not someone you use in order to make yourself whole. If you rely on your partner to be your everything, you are then being a serious drain or in other terms a psychic vampire.

Neediness has a terrible, draining feeling on the people who are around a needy person. It’s not fun and it’s easy to move away from a needy person. Even if a man loves to give eventually, he will feel drained then bored of any woman whose needs are greater than his own. So, there you have it, the 3 reasons why men are afraid of needy women.