Body Language, the Universal Language

Body Language

If you want to be successful in dating, body language is everything. It’s more important even than your physical appearance. Solid body language is the best way to make a strong first impression and get him or her to notice you for the right reasons, so its importance can hardly be understated. Here are some basic but essential tips to help you sharpen your body language:

Eye Contact

In any social situation, eye contact is an important tool for connecting with other people. Looking into someone’s eyes signals that you’re present, you’re listening, and you’re open to creating a relationship.

By contrast, looking away (especially at your phone) while someone is speaking with you can be a sign that you don’t care or aren’t interested. Also, it’s super rude. That’s why eye contact is a key body language tactic for dating if you really want to show someone, you’re ready for more.

Bite Your Lower Lip

A little bit coy, a little bit sexy, this move is especially enticing. It’s flirtatious without being overtly forward and works especially well if you’re a woman. Try it and find out for yourself.

Play With Your Hair

This one is typically more of a female thing—as some guys don’t really have enough hair to do this—and it’s another coy signal of flirtation. Playing with your hair works exceptionally well if you have long luscious locks that your potential partner likely wants to run his or her fingers through.

Graze Their Thigh or Arm

Brushing your hand against your date’s thigh or arm is a harmless way to get some physical contact without being inappropriate. He or she will know that you’re interested on a more carnal level while you’re still keeping everything playful and light.

Uncross Your Arms

Having your arms folded over your chest is a clear signal of standoffishness. Even if you don’t mean to come off as closed off, holding this position will send that message. Be aware of your arm placement and make sure they stay loose at your sides or gently folded on the table in front of you.

Body Language, the Universal Language

Remember, body language is something that most people can understand. When someone smiles, we know that they are happy and when someone is frowning, we know they are sad. The way that you control your body language can tell your potential date or your partner about what you are feeling.

Always be aware of what kind of body language you are giving out to those that are around you so that you can be sure not to run off someone that you hope to have more time with.


  1. This article provides excellent insights into the subtle art of body language in dating. The importance of eye contact, as highlighted, cannot be overstated. It’s a fundamental building block in establishing a genuine connection. Furthermore, the suggestion to uncross your arms as a means to appear open and approachable is pertinent advice for anyone looking to make a positive first impression.

    • Absolutely, Joan! I completely agree with you. Eye contact is such an important non-verbal cue. It shows that you’re truly present in the moment and genuinely interested in the other person. Great points all around!

  2. While the tips are predominantly about physical signals, it would be interesting to see a discussion on how these techniques might vary across different cultures.

  3. This piece is both insightful and practical. It’s fascinating how small actions, like playing with your hair or grazing someone’s arm, can convey so much without saying a word. Body language truly is a universal language, and mastering it can indeed be a game-changer in the dating world. Kudos to the author for shedding light on these often overlooked but crucial aspects of non-verbal communication.

  4. Seriously? Bite your lower lip and play with your hair? I find this advice trivial and reductionist. Relationships should be based on deeper qualities, not just surface-level gestures. It’s disappointing to see such a superficial take on dating.

  5. Ah yes, because nothing says ‘I’m interested’ like grazing someone’s thigh. Totally not creepy or awkward at all. Thanks for the cringe-worthy advice! 🙄

  6. Really? Playing with your hair and biting your lip? Are we teaching people how to date or how to be caricatures? This article feels incredibly superficial and reductive. Genuine connections are built on more than just physical cues. What about actually getting to know the person?

  7. This article contains some solid advice for anyone looking to level up their dating game. Non-verbal communication often speaks louder than words, and the tips provided here are both practical and insightful. Kudos to the author for highlighting the nuances of body language so effectively!

  8. This article does a great job of breaking down the essentials of body language in dating. Eye contact and subtle touches can indeed make a world of difference. It’s fascinating how non-verbal communication plays such a crucial role in creating connections!

  9. The importance of eye contact in establishing connections cannot be overstated. It’s a fundamental component of effective communication and signals genuine interest.

  10. It’s interesting to note how much emphasis this article places on body language. Indeed, human interactions are largely non-verbal, and mastering these nuances can give one a significant edge in social situations. However, I would add that these tactics should be coupled with genuine interest and respect for the other person.

  11. Uncrossing arms to avoid appearing standoffish is a valuable tip. Non-verbal cues like these can significantly affect the dynamics of a date.

  12. The article offers sound advice. However, individual personality differences might affect how comfortable someone feels using these tips.

  13. While these tips on body language are indeed useful, let’s not forget that meaningful relationships are built on open communication and mutual respect. Body language can be a good starting point, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of dating.

    • Absolutely agree, Anne! Imagine relying solely on arm positioning to gauge someone’s readiness for a relationship. Seems more like instructions for a mannequin than for a human being seeking meaningful connections.

  14. The insights presented here, although seemingly simplistic, hold a lot of truth. Non-verbal cues like eye contact have been proven by numerous studies to facilitate social bonding and trust. For those navigating the dating world, mastering body language can indeed be the silent game-changer.

  15. While the tips may seem like common sense, it’s surprising how many people neglect the basics. The mention of keeping arms uncrossed is particularly poignant; it’s amazing how something so simple can change the dynamic of an interaction. This was an interesting read!

  16. Ah, the classic ‘eye contact and thigh grazing’ approach! Because nothing says ‘I’m interested’ like occasionally pretending to be a shampoo commercial. Maybe next time, the author could include a chapter on semaphore signals for the dating impaired. Sarcasm aside, some of this advice is marginally useful, I suppose.

  17. The advice on body language provided here is practical and applicable. Simple gestures like playing with hair or making eye contact can definitely enhance first impressions.


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