Being in a Negative Karmic Relationship

Negative Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationships can be loving and peaceful but most of the time they are negative. These negative relationships can lead to patterns that are harmful and hurtful in your life.

Being in a karmic relationship means that you might deal with abuse, controlling, manipulation and more. This can be hard to learn from but this is a time where you can learn a lesson and learn more about who you are. This can be a time of growth.

Being in a Negative Karmic Relationship

Here is how you know that you are in a negative karmic relationship:

  • It starts great and then it starts being negative. It can go from on again to off again fast.
  • Has a violent side either emotionally or physically.
  • There are continual offenses that hurt your feelings.
  • You beg them to stay with you and to love you.
  • You are moody depending on the person and their mood.
  • You feel used and manipulated.

Some karmic relationships can have these traits and still have mostly positive things. But if you are in a relationship where things are mostly negative, it is likely that your whole relationship will be negative.

Karmic Bonds

When you feel a strong spark towards someone, chances are that you will be developing a karmic relationship. Being with a karmic partner can feel like the best thing that ever happened when you first meet. They will put you first and you will feel like the world revolves around you.

But, when you try to stop the relationship, you will see that it can be hard to get out of. It can take away your joy and happiness and it can be a bond that isn’t easily broken.

Everyone has unhealthy things in relationships but when your partner is mirroring you and when you are seeing that there is more negative then positive then you need to get out.

What Can a Karmic Relationship Teach You?

There are some things that a karmic relationship can teach you such as:


Karmic relationships happen because you are learning a lesson. They are something that starts out full of joy and peace but it ends up being negative. This is a pattern that you have to learn over and over again and a time where you have to learn to have compassion for yourself and others.

Karmic relationships are strong in passion and they have pain intertwined throughout them. They are there to help you to learn your life lesson and to find out what love really is.

Entering into a karmic relationship means that you are with someone from your soul group. They are someone that will bring you pain in every direction. The pain can be old ties that you pick back up or contracts that come into the world you are in now.

Karmic relationships are a time that you are meant to heal and a time where you are meant to grow and learn. This can take a long time, but you will have to do this before you will find love.

Finding Real Love

Most people will get into negative karmic relationships before they meet their soulmate. The soulmate will be the person that they are meant to be with for their life and this normally comes after the karmic bond is broken.

Once you experience this kind of relationship, meeting your soulmate will be like heaven. You will see that you are manipulated and that you are in a relationship where there isn’t real love. Once you meet your soulmate though you will see that this is real love and that you can be healed.

Karmic relationships can be romantic or it can be someone in your soul group. They are there to teach your life lessons and to help you to get over heartbreak or pain. This is a time where you are able to grow and where you can get over things such as:

• Strong passions.
• Jealousy.
• Negativity.
• Control.
• Abuse.
• Substance Abuse.
• One-sidedness.
• Obsessive Emotions.
• Possessiveness.

Healing from a Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationships can be hard to heal from but you have to do this. You have to do this so that you can grow as a spiritual person. When you get into a karmic relationship, you will see that you have a bond that is a physical and an emotional bond. This is a time of healing in your being and in your relationship.

To totally heal from a karmic relationship, you have to get away from them. You have to figure out the lessons that you are meant to be learning and you have to be more careful in your new relationships or even in the relationships with family and friends.

Don’t get into a new relationship right away and allow yourself to heal from the patterns that you have experienced with this negative relationship. If you get into a relationship quickly, you might see that you are repeating the issues that you had in the last relationship. You need to take time to make sure you are totally healed before going further.

Take time to find out more about who you are and to allow yourself to heal. Get into new relationships with someone only after you heal and only after you know that this karmic bond is gone. When you jump in too soon you will find that you are going to have a repeating pattern.

Since your bond is something that is from your past life, there is an energy that is connected with this bond. This means that your karmic partner will have more control over you than a physical control. You need to look at everything and make sure that all aspects of your life are healed.

Just ignoring your ex or refusing to talk to them is not going to help you to heal when you are dealing with your karmic partner.  In order to get rid of the bond, you have to learn to release the bond and let go of things from your past.

If you have a past that has trust issues, abandonment issues, pains, guilt, anger, judgement, blame, frustration, bad communicating, or more, you might have a harder time forgiving and moving forward. But, in order for your life to fully heal, you have to work towards these things, one step at a time.

When the relationship has been really serious, you might need to do a soul retrieval in order to figure out the things that you have lost because of your past relationship. This can help you to be more present in yourself.

This is something that you have to do in order to heal.

It’s Not All Bad

The great news is that you are only stuck with this person because of karma. As you learn to heal and learn your lessons, you will see that you can move past this karma and that you will complete the mission that has been holding you back.

If you have a partner that you were with and they don’t change, you need to move on because you are not in control of what others do. Just be in control of your own life and move away from negative karmic relationships.

Besides that, spiritual growth is something that will bring you knowledge and you will see that true love can abound in you. You will see that you can heal from karmic bonds and that you will find real love. Your karmic relationship will end, and you will be healed of your karmic bond after real healing takes place.

Getting rid of a negative karmic relationship means that you have healed your karma and that you are more who you once were. You will know that you have passed this and healed your karmic relationship once you get rid of the pain that you have been carrying inside of yourself. As you learn to love yourself more, you will know that your karmic relationship is gone.

Negative karmic relationships will have a real meaning in your life and this meaning is that you need to move forward and learn to build a better life. You need to learn whatever it takes for you to grow and then to make your next relationship better.

If you are in one of these kinds of relationships, you can talk to a psychic and you can ask them to guide you through how to remove karmic bonds and how to let go of karmic relationships.


  1. The notion of karmic relationships is compelling, but don’t you think it’s ironic that we have to go through such elaborate circles of pain just to learn basic lessons about self-worth and compassion? Couldn’t the universe have a more straightforward curriculum?

  2. This article is wonderfully insightful and thought-provoking. It eloquently conveys the nuanced nature of karmic relationships and underscores the importance of self-awareness and personal growth. The emphasis on learning valuable lessons, even through challenging experiences, is particularly compelling. I truly appreciate the balanced perspective presented here.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Kelly! The article does an excellent job of shedding light on the often complex dynamics of karmic relationships. The idea that these challenging relationships can ultimately lead to profound personal growth resonates deeply with me. It’s a refreshing take on a difficult topic.

  3. A fantastic read! The author has done a remarkable job in addressing the complexities and potential growth opportunities within karmic relationships. The advice to take time to heal and understand oneself before jumping into a new relationship is particularly valuable. This piece is a great resource for anyone looking to navigate their karmic bonds with greater awareness and compassion.

  4. While I understand the premise of karmic relationships, I find the overall tone of the article alarmingly deterministic. It almost suggests that suffering is an inevitable pathway to finding true love. This notion seems overly simplistic and not grounded in psychological research.

    • What the article misses is the role of conscious choices. We are not merely puppets of karmic forces. Therapy and self-reflection can be more effective than simply attributing issues to past life bonds.

    • I concur with your viewpoint. There is a fine line between acknowledging patterns and resigning oneself to them. Personal agency and proactive behavior should not be underestimated.

  5. So, according to this article, I need to endure a Shakespearean tragedy before finding my soulmate? How melodramatic! The universe sure has a flair for drama, doesn’t it?

  6. The article offers a comprehensive look at the dynamics of karmic relationships, particularly the way they can oscillate between intense highs and deep lows. It’s a worthwhile read for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of such relationships.

  7. Oh, great! Another excuse for people to stay in toxic relationships. ‘It’s not my fault, it’s karma!’ This just seems like a way to romanticize abusive dynamics. How convenient!

  8. I find the emphasis on healing and introspection in the context of karmic relationships to be highly relevant. It’s important to take time to understand oneself before moving on to new relationships to avoid repeating past mistakes.

  9. The notion that karmic relationships serve as a learning experience is both comforting and challenging. It’s essential to recognize these patterns and make conscious efforts to heal and grow, as suggested in the article.

  10. It is quite enlightening to read about the mechanics of karmic relationships. The detailed analysis provided in this article offers valuable insights into the cyclical patterns that we often find ourselves trapped in. Recognizing these toxic dynamics is the first step toward personal growth and spiritual awakening.

  11. The concept of karmic relationships is quite intriguing. It seems to suggest that we are predestined to encounter certain people for the purpose of personal growth, irrespective of the emotional toll involved. The emphasis on self-reflection and learning is something worth considering.

  12. The idea that negative experiences are necessary for finding true love is a classic theme in many philosophical and spiritual traditions. However, one should be careful not to romanticize harmful relationships in this context.


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