Your Aura Color and Your Sexual Feelings

Aura Color

When you look at your lover for the first time, it is something that cannot be put into words. You will feel things that you have never felt before. You will be enticed, and you will have strong attachments and feelings.

This is what your sexual aura looks like. This is the form of it where scientists have tried to figure out why your brain reacts the way that it does when you are falling in love.

When you focus your attention on new things and see life in a different perspective, it can be your sexual aura that shows what you feel when you fall in love and why you are drawn to others.

People have studied sexual auras for years and it has been discovered that the color of your aura can show what kind of sexual partner you will be.


Someone that has a red sexual aura has energy and this energy will come from your bodies center. This means you are bold and exciting, and you will try anything.

You are sexual and you do not try to hide it and you are easy to offend others. Sometimes you fantasize about what you want in bed, and you have a hard time focusing on what life is dealing you.

You are close with your sexuality and when you desire something, you want it now. When you have a red aura, it can mean you are going to go after what you want, and you are not scared of it.


Having a purple sexual aura can mean you are kinky and that you want to have sex that is not normal. You want to try weird things and you have different fetishes.

Maybe you want to do things that seem strange or dangerous, but you want to remember your sex and you want to be able to share what you experienced with others.

You are more open with your sexuality, and you do not hide what you want. You will have sex anywhere and anytime. Even though you like to try new things, you do not tell everyone about it, just people you are close to.


Having a pink aura means you are kind and gentle and often times overly emotional. You will be with people that want to love you deeply in bed and out of bed.

You want to express your feelings and you want to have unconditional love. You will be sensitive to your lover, and you will be loyal. This kind of love will last for your whole life.


A blue aura is someone that is rare. They are people that want to communicate with the world, and this is someone that can express their emotions and someone that does not see things very clearly. You might touch someone and capture their heart immediately and not really know why.

You will be someone that is smart and respectful and someone that has boundaries. You will be a perfect match for someone and the most important thing to you is someone that is faithful to you. You will be a strong communicator and you will want to reach your lover’s heart.


A golden aura means that you are attractive, and people find you exciting. This means you have a true heart, and you will not hide things.

You will be able to figure out what you want in your sex life, and you will be surrounded by love and comfort, and you will give this same thing to your lover.

When you have sex, you want to have fun and you want to do fun things even out of bed, like eat dinosaur cookies. You will be looked at as a smart and honest person and you will be very open.


Silver auras are some of the most known people. They are true right to the bone, and they will want to have fun sex with you, but they will also want to give you their deepest secrets.

These people are attractive, but most people admire them because of their good traits. They love others and are very giving. This aura will keep you happy your whole life.


Having a green aura means that you will work hard in the bed. You will look at the beauty of people and you will love your surroundings. You will find life beautiful, and you will be secure and balanced in what life gives you.

If you want to have sex, the green aura is going to call you out if you are being fake or if you aren’t really being passionate. You have to treat someone that has a green aura with care because they will want to have the interests of their hearts met.